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Any way to check if the pool state is OK via CLI?


I'm planning to run a scheduled rclone sync script to the cloud of my pool, but it's critical that it doesn't run if files are missing due to a missing drive, because it will match the destination to the source - effectively deleting files from the cloud. I don't wanna use copy instead of sync, as that will recover files I don't want to recover when I run the opposite copy script for disaster recovery in the future, creating an unwanted mess.

So, I was wondering if there's any CLI tool I can use to check if the pool is OK (no missing drives), so I can use it as a basis for running the script. 

Or rather, towards the scanner. Halting the execution if there are any health warnings going on.

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Ended up writing a batch script for now. Just needs a copy of smartctl.exe in the same directory, and a sync or script command to be run respectively of the result. 

Checks the number of drives found as well as overall health. Writes a couple of log files based on last run.
Commented in norwegian, but easy enough to understand and adapt to whatever if anyone wants something similar.

@echo off
chcp 65001 >nul 2>&1

cd %~dp0
set smartdataloggfil=SMART_DATA.LOG
set sistestatusloggfil=SISTE_STATUS.LOG
set antalldisker=2

echo Sjekker generell smart helse for alle tilkoblede disker.

:: Slett gammel smart logg hvis den finnes.
del %smartdataloggfil% > nul 2>&1
del %sistestatusloggfil% > nul 2>&1

:: Generer oppdatert smartdata loggfil.
for /f "tokens=1" %%A in ('smartctl.exe --scan') do (smartctl.exe -H %%A | findstr "test result" >> %smartdataloggfil%)

:: Sjekk smartdata loggen at alle disker har PASSED.
for /f "tokens=6" %%A in (%smartdataloggfil%) do (
	if not "%%A"=="PASSED" (

:: Kjør synkronisering mot sky hvis alle disker er OK.
echo SMART Resultat: %FAILEDFUNNET% (0=OK, 1=FEIL).
echo Antall disker funnet: %DISKCOUNTER% / %antalldisker%.
set ALTOK=0

:: Sjekker at SMART er OK og at riktig antall disker ble funnet.
if %FAILEDFUNNET% equ 0 (
	if %DISKCOUNTER% equ %antalldisker% ( 
		set ALTOK=1

:: Utfør logging og arbeid basert på resultat.
if %ALTOK% equ 1 (
	echo Alle disker OK. Utfører synkronisering mot skyen. > %sistestatusloggfil%
) else (
	echo Dårlig SMART helse oppdaget, kjører ikke synkronisering. > %sistestatusloggfil%


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DrivePool has the dpcmd CLI tool, but I couldn't find any options re indicating missing disks.

You could test by copying a file to the pool - if it succeeds, there are no missing disks (since pools become read-only while disks are detected missing).

I see another problem however - if it is critical that disks not be missing, and if there is no checking during the sync operation itself, then there is no protection against the risk of a disk going missing during the sync operation?

Therefore if a disk going missing means the sync will remove files from the cloud, that indicates you are not using (full) duplication - perhaps you could sync from the individual disks that make up the pool, that way if a disk goes missing during the sync then the sync itself could stop?


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13 minutes ago, Shane said:

 if there is no checking during the sync operation itself, then there is no protection against the risk of a disk going missing during the sync operation?

Good point. But doing individual disks means more follow-up maintenance... 

I think I'll just move the script into a simple multithreaded app instead so I can loop and monitor it in a relaxed manner (don't wanna hammer the disks with SMART requests) and kill a separate sync thread on demand if needed. If I'm not mistaken, rclone won't start delete files until all the uploads are complete (gonna check that again). So that creates a small margin of error and/or delay.

Thanks for checking the other tool.

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