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Unstable/unusable CloudDrive (Dropbox)




I've been experiencing frequent disconnects with the Dropbox provider lately. To the point that I'll get disconnects every 30 seconds when reading/writing to the drive. It doesn't disconnect if I'm not actively doing anything to the drive.

It used to work perfectly, but around half a year ago I switched my main machine back to linux and just didn't need the data in the cloud drives so this didn't come up.

Well now I had the first need for all that data so I booted up windows to migrate all of it back to a physical disk.

Turns out I can't do anything because of the constant disconnects.

All the settings I think are defaults that came with the program and as I said, it used to work perfectly for quite a while before I switched the OS. The machine is the same one I used before and the connection (modem, router, ISP etc.) is exactly the same. This time around I have a cleaner install of windows so there shouldn't be much of anything else using the bandwith either.

What could be the root of this issue? What steps should I do to troubleshoot this?

I do have physical backups and I'm fairly certain at least most of the data is available there, but it'd be more inconvenient to reach those backups (in a separate location and it's corona lockdown) and it would be nice if I could just get all that from the cloud drives that I made precisely for the sake of ease of access.

However, I am aware that nobody owes me anything, CloudDrive served me well while I had the use for it, so I'm completely at peace if I can't have access to the data anymore. I just thought I'd hop to the forums to see if someone maybe had similar problems and has some suggestions to try.


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It's possible that the disconnects are the result of the provider (Dropbox in this case). You might have run afoul of their firewalls for any of a number of innocent reasons. You could try throttling your CloudDrive upload/download speed/threads, etc.

Otherwise you might need to contact Dropbox to see whether you can get them to investigate.

If you feel it's on CloudDrive's end (or Dropbox goes "nope, not us"), you could open a support ticket with StableBit and they could work with you to examine the connection logs in detail to see where exactly the ball is being dropped.

Alternatively, if you can still manually download the Stablebit folders from your provider to a local disk, it should be possible to create a local instance from which to extract your backup... @Christopher (Drashna) I've spent some time looking, but I was unable to find anything official in the user manual or wiki or forums about how to manually copy/setup a clouddrive as an instance on a local disk in the event a cloud provider becomes unreliable, only comments that it is indeed doable. It seems like the sort of issue that should have its process formally described somewhere easily found? Or have I just flubbed my search roll?

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