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  1. Hello. I've been experiencing frequent disconnects with the Dropbox provider lately. To the point that I'll get disconnects every 30 seconds when reading/writing to the drive. It doesn't disconnect if I'm not actively doing anything to the drive. It used to work perfectly, but around half a year ago I switched my main machine back to linux and just didn't need the data in the cloud drives so this didn't come up. Well now I had the first need for all that data so I booted up windows to migrate all of it back to a physical disk. Turns out I can't do anything because of the constant disconnects. All the settings I think are defaults that came with the program and as I said, it used to work perfectly for quite a while before I switched the OS. The machine is the same one I used before and the connection (modem, router, ISP etc.) is exactly the same. This time around I have a cleaner install of windows so there shouldn't be much of anything else using the bandwith either. What could be the root of this issue? What steps should I do to troubleshoot this? I do have physical backups and I'm fairly certain at least most of the data is available there, but it'd be more inconvenient to reach those backups (in a separate location and it's corona lockdown) and it would be nice if I could just get all that from the cloud drives that I made precisely for the sake of ease of access. However, I am aware that nobody owes me anything, CloudDrive served me well while I had the use for it, so I'm completely at peace if I can't have access to the data anymore. I just thought I'd hop to the forums to see if someone maybe had similar problems and has some suggestions to try. Cheers.
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