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StableBit thinks same model drives are the same drive


I recently purchased 3 identical used 8TB drives, but all have unique serial numbers.  When using these in a USB dock, StableBit thinks these are all the same drive.  I scanned the first one but now StableBit refuses to scan the other two because it thinks it already scanned those same drives 2 days ago. 

You've gotta be kidding me.  Same model number = same drive as far as StableBit is concerned?  This is a serious flaw.

I've  even tried changing volume labels and partition sizes just to throw it off, but nothing has worked.

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I'm having a similar problem but mine aren't even the same manufacturer.    I've been using a USB dock and going through a lot of old hard drives just having them scanned to see which ones were bad and which ones weren't - and most drives I plug into the USB dock say that they've been scanned 1-day ago, 3-days ago - when they haven't been spun up in years probably.    This has happened on 2.5, 3.5, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and even a MD Data drive (refurbed WD I think).   My work around has been to mark all of the readable sectors as unchecked which forces Scanner to scan again but I'm pretty sure the problem will continue.    The only thing I've changed recently is I told Stablebit Scanner not to wait any time before scanner a removable drive.    I'll change that back and see if that makes a difference but I do think there's something wrong.

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38 minutes ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

If the drives are in a dock, it may actually be the chipset for the enclosure that is returing the wrong information.  We've ssen this on JMicron and other controllers, in the past. 

I suspected the enclosure had something to do with this.  But since StableBit shows me unique serial numbers for the different drives when in that same dock, why are they treated as the same drive when StableBit itself is telling me the serial number is different?

I saw someone else had this same issue several months back and he asked what exact information StableBit scanner uses to determine which drive is which.  That thread got no replies and I'm somewhat interested.  It seems that drive serial number is totally ignored?  I think it should have been combined with the other information unless there was a good reason not to.  Especially since you knew some controllers report some "wrong information".

I'm no expert on hard drives nor what types of identifiers are available, but to me as a programmer it sounds like someone picked identifier 'xyz' expecting it to be unique but we later found out certain enclosures don't always return the expected 'xzy'.  But StableBit could have easily used xyz PLUS serial.  And it still can.

Unless you are saying that the JMicron controllers are making up junk random serials and StableBit knows that, so StableBit was forced to use some dicey heuristics to guess that it's the same legit drive.

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