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  1. I'm having a similar problem but mine aren't even the same manufacturer. I've been using a USB dock and going through a lot of old hard drives just having them scanned to see which ones were bad and which ones weren't - and most drives I plug into the USB dock say that they've been scanned 1-day ago, 3-days ago - when they haven't been spun up in years probably. This has happened on 2.5, 3.5, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and even a MD Data drive (refurbed WD I think). My work around has been to mark all of the readable sectors as unchecked which forces Scanner to scan again but I'
  2. Okay, I solved the mystery - and it was a mystery. A friend had set-up a task to run every hour that ran ran robocopy to sync the folder to the new cloud drive and I wasn't aware of that. So it wasn't something I had stumbled onto with either clouddrive or drivepool. I tried to delete this post, but couldn't find out how to.
  3. And I just today read about balancers in drive pool so that's not what I did to make this work either because I had never explored that part of the program. I might have added a new pool for the cloud drive, but I didn't join the two in anyway I'm pretty sure.
  4. I am a complete noob and forgetful on top of everything. I've had one pool for a long time and last week I tried to add a new pool using clouddrive. I added my six 1TB onedrive accounts in cloudpool and I may or may not have set them up in drivepool (that's my memory for you). But whatever I did was not use drivepool to combine all six clouddrives into a single 6TB drive and I ran out of space something was duplicating data from one specific folder in my pool to the clouddrive. So I removed the clouddrive accounts, added them back, and did use drivepool to combine the six accou
  5. So if I have all of the drives of a pool from one computer to a new computer and install Drivepool on the new computer - it will create the old pool automatically? At least that's the way I read this. Does this work if there are already existing pools created on the new computer? Thank you.
  6. Bradleyb

    Using Snapraid

    Found this in case it helps anyone else - http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 Sounds like it wouldn't be best just to copy a lot of data from the pooled drives that's outside of the poolpart folder into the poolpart folder without stopping the service first and then resetting settings.
  7. Bradleyb

    Using Snapraid

    I started using drivepool today and found it very easy - no problems yet. But I do have two questions for those more informed than I am. 1) I'm also going to use snapraid and I assume when I configure that, I add the individual data drives to it and never the pool drive created by drivepool? 2) I have five-drives with existing media on each drive that I added to the pool. Would it be best to copy the media to the new drive (which might take a while) or can I just copy the media from each drive into the poolpart folder on each drive? There is one root folder \media and two sub-
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