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  1. I thought about doing the same thing - backing up media from the pool on external hard drives but couldn't figure the best way of doing that. Do you just copy files to external hard drives? How many external hard drives are necessary in your situation? I currently have about 32 TB of media and would have to buy one new drive but have many smaller drives that I've accumulated over time that would be ideal for this purpose but I really couldn't find a program that would help manage and organize the files on the external hard drives so if I needed to restore something - it wouldn't be searching for a needle in a haystack. So, if you can share more about how you handle this, I would find that very interesting.
  2. I'm wondering what would the best use in my situation. I have 15 drives in a pool and don't have any data duplicated at the moment. A drive failed recently but Drivepool was able to move all files off that drive when removing it from the pool so no harm done. But, this got the thinking - what if I'm not so lucky in the future and a drive dies. If I had duplication turned on and everything in the pool was duplicated, if a single drive died, it could be forcibly removed from the pool and no files would be lost - since everything is on at least two-drives at a time? Am I correct in thinking this? Thank you for any advice.
  3. I'm having a similar problem but mine aren't even the same manufacturer. I've been using a USB dock and going through a lot of old hard drives just having them scanned to see which ones were bad and which ones weren't - and most drives I plug into the USB dock say that they've been scanned 1-day ago, 3-days ago - when they haven't been spun up in years probably. This has happened on 2.5, 3.5, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and even a MD Data drive (refurbed WD I think). My work around has been to mark all of the readable sectors as unchecked which forces Scanner to scan again but I'm pretty sure the problem will continue. The only thing I've changed recently is I told Stablebit Scanner not to wait any time before scanner a removable drive. I'll change that back and see if that makes a difference but I do think there's something wrong.
  4. Okay, I solved the mystery - and it was a mystery. A friend had set-up a task to run every hour that ran ran robocopy to sync the folder to the new cloud drive and I wasn't aware of that. So it wasn't something I had stumbled onto with either clouddrive or drivepool. I tried to delete this post, but couldn't find out how to.
  5. And I just today read about balancers in drive pool so that's not what I did to make this work either because I had never explored that part of the program. I might have added a new pool for the cloud drive, but I didn't join the two in anyway I'm pretty sure.
  6. I am a complete noob and forgetful on top of everything. I've had one pool for a long time and last week I tried to add a new pool using clouddrive. I added my six 1TB onedrive accounts in cloudpool and I may or may not have set them up in drivepool (that's my memory for you). But whatever I did was not use drivepool to combine all six clouddrives into a single 6TB drive and I ran out of space something was duplicating data from one specific folder in my pool to the clouddrive. So I removed the clouddrive accounts, added them back, and did use drivepool to combine the six accounts into one drive. And without doing anything else, data from the one folder I had and want duplicated to the clouddrive started duplicating again - but I don't know how and I'd like to know how I did that. I've read nested pools, hierarchy duplication topics but I'm sure that's not something I set-up because it would have been too complicated for me. Is there another, simpler way that I might have made this happen? I know this isn't much information to go on and I don't expect anyone to dedicate a lot of time to this, but I've spent yesterday and today trying to figure out what I did and I just can't. I've checked folder duplication under the original pool, and the folder is 1x because I don't want it duplicated on the same pool so I assume that's not what I did.
  7. So if I have all of the drives of a pool from one computer to a new computer and install Drivepool on the new computer - it will create the old pool automatically? At least that's the way I read this. Does this work if there are already existing pools created on the new computer? Thank you.
  8. Bradleyb

    Using Snapraid

    Found this in case it helps anyone else - http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 Sounds like it wouldn't be best just to copy a lot of data from the pooled drives that's outside of the poolpart folder into the poolpart folder without stopping the service first and then resetting settings.
  9. Bradleyb

    Using Snapraid

    I started using drivepool today and found it very easy - no problems yet. But I do have two questions for those more informed than I am. 1) I'm also going to use snapraid and I assume when I configure that, I add the individual data drives to it and never the pool drive created by drivepool? 2) I have five-drives with existing media on each drive that I added to the pool. Would it be best to copy the media to the new drive (which might take a while) or can I just copy the media from each drive into the poolpart folder on each drive? There is one root folder \media and two sub-folders \media\movies \media\tv which show up in one poolpart folder so if I re-create those on each data drive, would that case a problem? Thank you for any suggestions and information.
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