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  1. I recently purchased 3 identical used 8TB drives, but all have unique serial numbers. When using these in a USB dock, StableBit thinks these are all the same drive. I scanned the first one but now StableBit refuses to scan the other two because it thinks it already scanned those same drives 2 days ago. You've gotta be kidding me. Same model number = same drive as far as StableBit is concerned? This is a serious flaw. I've even tried changing volume labels and partition sizes just to throw it off, but nothing has worked.
  2. I got it working. I killed all processes that looked like they might be related to the scanner, restarted the GUI, then had to manually start the service. Eventually everything fired right up and started working! I didn't realize this was supposed to scan all drives in parallel; that's pretty neat. I'll likely never know what the problem was, but this doesn't seem like a good way to make a good impression on new users and get sales.
  3. I'm a brand-new user so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I've had this running for almost 14 hours now, and the scanner automatically started with my small 233 GB SSD (which has no problems at all). It's my system drive and there's a 100MB system reserved partition. As far as I can tell, the scanner is making no progress at all, and if I'm interpreting the icons properly, it's still scanning that 100MB partition. I can see no way to manually skip only that partition. I've seen other posts mentioning progress percentage, but I don't know where they are seeing that. I'm just going by the lack of colored blocks. It seems like this scan should have been done a LONG time ago, but it's just not doing anything. Also, I've tried hitting the "Stop check" button so I can manually try starting another check, but the stop button doesn't do anything. I don't see any way to shut down the whole application and I'm not sure I want to start killing processes at this point. Not interested in rebooting this machine.
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