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New to DrivePool, help with setup



I’m new to DrivePool but I think I will go ahead and purchase but I have questions about a setup I’m planning. How well will my setup work?



  • 256GB M.2 Boot Drive
  • 256GB 2.5in SSD


Pool #1



  • 5x 8TB HDD (ordered file placement)


  • 1x 8TB (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr)


Pool #2

  • 1TB 2.5in SSD Cache


  • 2x10TB HDD (Ordered file placement)


  • 1x10TB HDD (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr)




  1. Boot off M.2 but mirror to a 2.5SSD
  2. Store on Pool#1
  3. Because Snapraid isn’t real time, I will use DrivePool to duplicate certain folder real time to Pool#2
  4. Snapraid will calculate the parity for both pools every night
  5. Use DrivePool scanner to monitor all the drives
  6. MAYBE: Also duplicate specific Pool #1 files (the ones beings duplicated to pool#2) to cloud using DrivePool/CloudDrive



  • Can I use M.2 for my cache?
  • What if the file I’m moving to my pool is larger than my SSD cache?
  • Is it possible to have two snapraid arrays?
  • Would the duplication real time and then Snapraid at night be good for redundancy and recovery?
  • Would an i5-8600k and 16GB of ddr4 be enough for this system? I don’t plan to run much on it, mainly this NAS. I might few smaller services along with this. Maybe plex
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I really wouldn't know but I would wonder whether you'd be better off just using DP with x2 and a CloudDrive or a real backup solution. I am not familiar with SnapRaid but in your setup, as far as I can tell, you'd have data stored in Pool 1 and Pool 2 and then have both duplicates protected by parity. So, you'd use more storage capacity then either a simple x2 duplicaiton or x1 duplication + parity setup.

You have single files in excess of 1TB? Anyway, it would then simply write to the archive things.

BTW, if it is a NAS, what kind of network do you have? If it is "just' a 1Gb network, then there really is no need for SSD caches.

On streaming and Snapraid I can't be sure but for the storage/DP part, a simple Celeron with 4GB would do the job even.

Oh, and did you have a look at Scanner?

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Thanks for the response! So I have a 1gb network at the moment. 10gb capable tho with CAT6a. I don't have files over 1tb but just wondering :)

I do want it as a NAS. What would a real backup solution be? I don't want to use cloud just yet, what solution would you recommend so that I have good protection? the 1x duplication and using parity with the second pool?

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What you have would work, but I do agree with Umfriend. 

Adding all of the disk to the pool and enabling duplication would be a better option, IMO.  

In either case, it sounds like you will want to use the SSD Optimizer balancer plugin. 
StableBit DrivePool Balancer Plugins

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You could have just one Pool with some files duplicated and others not.

I understand you want good protection, but against what exactly? One drive failure? Accidental deletions? Fire/theft?

For one drive failure and continuity, DP with x2 duplicarion is, IMHO, better (by far) but at the cost of needing more storage capacity.

Just some thoughts.

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