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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply. Does your solution include parity or just duplicating all or specific files from pool 1 to pool 2?
  2. Thanks for the response! So I have a 1gb network at the moment. 10gb capable tho with CAT6a. I don't have files over 1tb but just wondering :) I do want it as a NAS. What would a real backup solution be? I don't want to use cloud just yet, what solution would you recommend so that I have good protection? the 1x duplication and using parity with the second pool?
  3. Hello! I’m new to DrivePool but I think I will go ahead and purchase but I have questions about a setup I’m planning. How well will my setup work? System 256GB M.2 Boot Drive 256GB 2.5in SSD Pool #1 1TB M.2 SSD CACHE Pool 5x 8TB HDD (ordered file placement) Parity 1x 8TB (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr) Pool #2 1TB 2.5in SSD Cache Pool 2x10TB HDD (Ordered file placement) Parity 1x10TB HDD (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr) Plans: Boot of
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