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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply. Does your solution include parity or just duplicating all or specific files from pool 1 to pool 2?
  2. Thanks for the response! So I have a 1gb network at the moment. 10gb capable tho with CAT6a. I don't have files over 1tb but just wondering :) I do want it as a NAS. What would a real backup solution be? I don't want to use cloud just yet, what solution would you recommend so that I have good protection? the 1x duplication and using parity with the second pool?
  3. Hello! I’m new to DrivePool but I think I will go ahead and purchase but I have questions about a setup I’m planning. How well will my setup work? System 256GB M.2 Boot Drive 256GB 2.5in SSD Pool #1 1TB M.2 SSD CACHE Pool 5x 8TB HDD (ordered file placement) Parity 1x 8TB (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr) Pool #2 1TB 2.5in SSD Cache Pool 2x10TB HDD (Ordered file placement) Parity 1x10TB HDD (Snapraid set to sync every 24/hr) Plans: Boot off M.2 but mirror to a 2.5SSD Store on Pool#1 Because Snapraid isn’t real time, I will use DrivePool to duplicate certain folder real time to Pool#2 Snapraid will calculate the parity for both pools every night Use DrivePool scanner to monitor all the drives MAYBE: Also duplicate specific Pool #1 files (the ones beings duplicated to pool#2) to cloud using DrivePool/CloudDrive Can I use M.2 for my cache? What if the file I’m moving to my pool is larger than my SSD cache? Is it possible to have two snapraid arrays? Would the duplication real time and then Snapraid at night be good for redundancy and recovery? Would an i5-8600k and 16GB of ddr4 be enough for this system? I don’t plan to run much on it, mainly this NAS. I might few smaller services along with this. Maybe plex
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