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A file system on this disk is not healthy and needs to be repaired...


I was previously running V.   with no issues but upon logging onto the server today I saw an error being reported by SB Scanner....upon booting to the desktop I was greated with the yellow/amber diamond taskbar icon stating "a file system on one of your disks is damaged"

Opened up the Scanner windows app and saw that my boot SSD was the disk with supposed issues.....had the report shown in the screengrab below 

I cleared the drive block check statius and re ran the check...the File System Damaged status remained.


When clicking on the blue text, I was unable to perform a repair. Tried rebooting but had the same result.  Tried installing a newer beta version v2.6.0.3301 but having idetical issues.  The same happens if I open up the Scanner app within the WHS 2011 Dashboard (as I expected)

To be safe, I performed a chkdsk from within a CMD window and it asked me to restart as the drive was mounted....did a full chkdsk /f on boot and found zero issues. 

I understand from some previous replies that Stablebit Scanner doesnt take the chckdsk results to update its own...but as I am unable to remove this issue, it is just an annoyance.

Is there a fix coming for this or another version I can install which does allow me to fix/clear this error. 




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