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Is it safe to remove *.copytemp files?



Hello there,


Certainly due to the crashed I experienced while balancing, I now have several files in my PoolPart folders with an added postfix like this: <pool serial>.copytemp


I assume that these files are useless now, because certainly DP create them when balancing and only remove the source and rename them on complete success.


Am I right and can I safely delete them myself? Or could it cause a problem in DP? Or even is there some sort of garbage collector in DP that will handle them?


Thanks for the feedback ;)

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Specifically, as long as the software isn't actively balancing or duplicating data, you should be okay with doing so. 

On 10/23/2022 at 2:37 PM, phhowe17 said:

I was thinking of doing this, but I have an instance of a .copytemp file not matching the original file.  Looks like the copytemp file is incomplete

If the computer crashed/BSOD/etc, while the data was running balancing or duplication, then this could happen.  In fact, that's exactly why we use the copytemp extension for these processes.  So, that if the process is interupted for some reason, that you don't have a partial file left on the pool, effectively creating a corrupted copy. 

You should be okay to delete the file.

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