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Scanner Slow and Not Running until Program is Opened


I did a reinstall of the latest version of Windows 10 and installed Scanner

This morning, I noticed that it got thru the SSD and roughly 6% of one the HDD ( Machine has roughly 8 HDD installed)

Rebooted this morning.  After about 3 hours I opened up scanner, which I had to wait a few minutes for it to "Initialize".  When it finally came up, it showed 1 of the drives as being at 4% complete and no attempts on the other drives.  I could have sworn I have seen scanner try to scan multiple drives at once.

This machine currently sits idle, so I can't see why the disk check % wouldn't be higher or multiple checks happening at once.

Also should I be seeing initializing when opening the app, especially after a few hours?  I would understand right after a reboot

Is there a different version of Scanner that I should be using?   

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The percentage is based on what is left for the drive, not the total drive, so that can be deceptive.

As for scanning, it only does one drive per controller.  If you have multiple controllers (like NVMe, internal SATA, USB), then it will scan multiple drives at the same time.


There is also an advanced setting to enable it to scan multiple drives on the same controller, at the same time.  However, this can impact performance, depending on your system setup. 

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