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Drivepool Newsleecher possible conflict "please wait for the system Event Notification service"



I tried to fill out the contact form but it is not working. 


I just upgraded my HP EX495 with Q9550S cpu and 4gb of ram.  


I performed a clean install of WHS2011, with all windows updates. installed Drivepool and Scanner.  Moved my server folders from D:/ to the drivepool E:/  and added the rest of my drives and copied all of my data over.  Everything seems fine until I run Newleecher.   After I select some blurays to download and check back in a few hours I find that newleecher and the server is locked up completely.  I cannot even end the task.  Have to hard reboot.


I performed a second clean install, all windows updates but this time I did not copy any data to the drive pool.  Installed Newsleecher and proceeded to download blurays.  Same problem.


When the end task fails for newsleecher.exe I tried to log off the RDP session instead of a hard reboot.  The error I receive is "please wait for the system Event Notification service"


I noticed when I click my computer the c:/ drive show a blue drive storage status indicator showing how much space is free, but when you look at E:/ where the drive pool is and where newsleecher.exe was downloading to there is no indicator and the drivepool is not accessible.


I did a lot of searching and research on this issue and did not find anyone replicating this.  But since I saw that the drive pool was not accessible when the server locked up while downloading large files with newsleecher.exe, I uninstalled drivepool and scanner, removed the drives and started all over with drive bender.


With drive bender creating and managing the pool I have failed at making  the system crash with newsleecher.exe.  All seems to be fine.  So I am just wonder why there is a conflict between Newsleecher and Drivepool/Scanner.  I have use the latest final release and the beta of Newsleecher, same result.

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