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Replacing dead drive in pool



I had a drive go bad in my pool but luckily I had 1x redundancy on. I added 2x more drives of the same size as the dead one. Do I need to do anything to get the old data on the new drives? Do I need to do balancing or something? I turned balancing off, but now that I think about it I can have it on without issue.


Is there a process to recovering the data and emptying out my 2x full drives across my 4x drives total I have now?

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So I assume you not only physically added the 2 new HDDs but also added them to the Pool. No need to turn balancing off. Just remove, through the GUI that is, not physically (yet) the failing HDD. DP will then move the data off of the failed HDD to the extent possible. DP will also check whether all files are still duplicated and, if not, create a duplicate.

So in general:
1. Add new HDDs to Pool
2. Remove (UI) the old and unwanted HDDs.
3. Assuming 2 went without issues, physically remove old/unwanted HDDs.

As simple as that.

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