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Possible to pool two machines together?




I had asked this question in the cloud drive forum... the short version is, can you pool two machines together?


and it was suggested to try my luck here instead. I'm sure the answer is "no", but can I pool two different machines together into one pool?

I know I can do this: create pool --> place pool in virtual cloud drive --> place cloud drive into pool on second machine  because I did exactly that.  However, if I have existing data on the pool, that does not get reflected in the cloud, it can only use the empty space to create the virtual drive.

If it is possible to see the existing data in a pool in a cloud drive, I'd be interested in knowing how to do that.




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14 hours ago, Umfriend said:

Are you looking to create a short of dropbox experience? AFAIK, the answer is no.

I have two machines with data that I'd like to access as one, without UNC or mapped drives. Is it an absolue necessity?  No.  Just trying to make it convenient for the other programs to see the machines as one big data set.  I heard of a couple of products that can add network shares to pools, but am not sure if that is the route I want to go without exploring all that DrivePool can do.

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