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Drivepool on new Windows install



I'm using drivepool right now on my media center... but it runs really slow and I really need to upgrade the CPU+Mobo+RAM. Right now I have a first gen i5 in it and it's not cutting it.

I was thinking of going with a Ryzen 5 1600x and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM....

Of course, I will need to reinstall windows. Are there any files I need to copy to setup my drivepool again? I have like 5-6 drives in the pool right now. If I reinstall drivepool do I just add them again to a new pool and everything will go smoothly or is there some procedure to restore the setup I had with my previous pool? I have 2x redundancy and TV/movie folder that's spread across all the drives.


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AFAIK, all  you need to do is / how I would do this:
1. De-activate license on current PC (write down the license key somewhere)
2. Disconnect the Pooled HDDs (I am assuming that none of the HDDs also have the OS partition on it BTW)
3. Build the new PC and install Windows
4. Download and install DrivePool
5. Shut down PC, connect the Pool HDDs and boot. Presto! DP should recognise the Pool. Do NOT make a new Pool.

There may be an issue with access rights on the Pool. For that use http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455

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I have the same question except I am migrating from WHS 2011 to WSE 2016. This will require installing DrivePool 2.X instead of 1.X which I used to create the pool.

Will the DrivePool 2.X recognized the old Pool? 

Thanks in advance

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