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how to delete a pool?



I have two pools on my computer.  I want to delete one of them but all the disks on it are nearly full, so if I try to remove a drive, it errors out saying not enough space.   I suppose I can delete the data on the disks or move them to another disk.  But ideally, I would like it to just delete the pool and leave the folders on the disks. 

How can i delete this pool?  I found this link, but it's 4 years old, so I image there's a better way now? 


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Is there an easier way to do this?  If I physically remove the drives, then hit 'Remove', even if the drives aren't there the pool should register that the drives are no longer associated and not show up.

Alternately, why isn't there a 'Delete Pool' option?

I had a 10TB and 2TB drive left in my pool, I tried to remove them and couldn't because there was less than 1TB free between them.  Was really annoyed that I had to physically remove one of them, hit Remove on the remaining drive, then do it for the other drive :/

Just seems like such a complex thing for such a simple task.

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No, and that's intentional.  Having an option to do that would definitely lead to "why is all my data gone" type issues.   And people getting very upset about that. 

And ideally, you want to move the data off of the pool.  So you can remove the disks from the pool, normally. 

If you want to destroy the pool, that can be done manually, which is ideal since it's not a simple thing to do. 

That said, you can use "dpcmd ignore-poolpart" on all of the disks and that will remove the pool. 

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