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    Scanner Best Practices

    It only throttles the WD Gold drives. They are complete junk. All of them were replaced once by WD already. They claimed they sent me the "improved" version of the drives. They are a bit faster and don't overheat as quickly, or as long, but the other ones overheated if there was even a single drive next to or above/below, and would only cool down if I turned the server off, so the bar was PRETTY low. I posted another thread about some odd behavior I'm seeing in Scanner now too. It keeps scanning drives it's already scanned.
  2. I rebuild my DrivePool and installed the Beta of Scanner. Scanner was scanning two drives at a time and took about a week to almost finish. I rebooted the server and it started scanning a drive that was finished 4 days ago, and resumed the scan of the drive it was working on when I rebooted. There were 3 other drives that hadn't been scanned yet. Yesterday I noticed that it's only scanning one drive at a time now. It also as 3 drives "Waiting to Scan" and two of them were scanned 10 days ago. If I understand the settings correctly, it shouldn't scan the drives for approx 30 days. So what's going on?
  3. I recently lost 5 drives in two weeks, so I am reevaluating my system and settings. From newest to oldest I have: 4x 18TB Seagate Exos 2x 16TB Seagate Exos 3x WD Gold 3x WD Red I also have two SSDs (OS and Torrent Landing), and two NVMe Drives. One I use for PrimoCache on the DrivePool drive, and the other I have 128GB for SSD Optimization I have all my drives named, and the bay listed in Scanner. I have them all mounted to "C:\DrivePool\Bay##" I have Read Striping and Real-Time Duplication checked under Performance. I have the following Balancers Enabled: SSD Optimizer - Left everything default but marked which drive was the SSD Stablebit Scanner - Move (duplicated and un-duplicated) files out of damaged drives; Never allow file placement on evacuated drives. Volume Equalization I have our personal files (documents, pics, etc) duplicated. Are there other things/settings that would be good to use?
  4. Either you ran out of RAM, or your drives are so full that the file won't fit on any of them. Ie, if you have 10x drives with 1GB left it would show 10GB free. Then you try to copy a 2GB file to the drive pool, but no drive has 2GB and it doesn't split the file over multiple drives.
  5. I have a mix of "old" SSDs (OS and torrent landing drive), NVMe SSDs (primo cache, ssd optimization) and mechanical drives (archive/storage). I have 4x 18TB drives, 2x 16TB, and 6x 4TB drives. Right now it takes almost a solid week to scan all the drives. During that time the WD Gold Drives overheat and take forever to finish (the 8yr old WD Red drives are fine though, go figure) I'm looking for best practices on how often to scan, power settings, etc for the SSDs and Mechanical drives. I'd like to try to extend the life of the drives as much as possible. Is there a way to speed up the scans? I'm getting 180-190MB/s on the larger drives, so they take like 18hrs to complete. After losing 5 drives in a two week period I'm trying to ensure I have my settings optimized.
  6. My drives are trying to scan, some scanned, some overheated and throttled. I have two that are stuck with the "Temperature Equalization". I *THINK* that with the setting of 5 degrees F, that the drives all need to be within 5 degrees. Well, I have a NVMe drive that's running at 125F (it's in a bad spot on the mobo, so it's been 120F at the lowest and 130F under heavy load for an hour). Most of my drives have their thermal limits at 110, so they will never be within 5F. On the flip side, my OS SSD is sitting at 77F. I turned off the Equalization setting and they are still sitting there. Is there a way to remove drives from the thermal equalization calculation? I only want my mechanical drives to factor (which are currently 96.8F - 102.2F)
  7. I download A LOT, but it all goes onto a separate SSD drive. Then once I've verified it I move it over to the pool. It is a media server, so there is a lot of reading from multiple clients This is what I'm trying... I took one of the 250GB NVMe drives and gave it to PrimoCache to use on the Drivepool. I split the other drive in two, and have half assigned as the SSD Optimizer for Drivepool, and the other half I have set up as the metadata/cache for Emby.
  8. I just submitted a ticket. The Cloud sync, is that part of CloudDrive, or do we need to sign up for an account to sync to, or what?
  9. Dizzy

    how to delete a pool?

    Is there an easier way to do this? If I physically remove the drives, then hit 'Remove', even if the drives aren't there the pool should register that the drives are no longer associated and not show up. Alternately, why isn't there a 'Delete Pool' option? I had a 10TB and 2TB drive left in my pool, I tried to remove them and couldn't because there was less than 1TB free between them. Was really annoyed that I had to physically remove one of them, hit Remove on the remaining drive, then do it for the other drive :/ Just seems like such a complex thing for such a simple task.
  10. I spent the past two days getting my drives cleaned up and moving files from some dying drives. I renamed all the drives in Scanner, put in the Server and Bay location. I just restarted again and all the information is gone. This has happened in the past and I was told the latest version would resolve that... And obviously it didn't.
  11. I have 2x Samsung 970 EVO Pro Plus 250GB NVMe drives. I'm trying to figure out the best use for them. Putting them in RAID0 is not an option. I already have a SSD that I download everything to. I would like to increase the read/write speeds and effectiveness of the pool in general. Would using them for SSD Optimizer Balancer or using them as L2 Cache using PrimoCache be better? Maybe one each? Thoughts?
  12. I didn't have enough space to evacuate the drives By the end of next week I should have plenty of space. I will be reviewing all my settings and adding some other backup options as well.
  13. This does not work. When though I removed the drives from the Drivepool, when I plugged one back in and restarted the server it picked up the drive and added it to the pool again.
  14. Ok, to sum it up.... Two of the drives in my pool were having major issues. Drivepool took a long time to start the service (approx 30min), and the drive was severely unstable when it did run. Removing the drives did not work as the drives, and drivepool were too unstable. Once I physically removed the drives and restarted the server everything came back up in an almost normal way. I then hit 'Remove' on the two drives that were missing. At this point I do not know if it was the drives or a controller issue, but once the pool remeasures and things are quasi stable, I will look into that and see if I can manage to recover anything from the drives. I am hoping so since that's about 9TB of data
  15. Well 9 hours later and it's still at 0.2% I checked all 3 boxes when I went to remove the drive. At this point, would it make sense to physically remove the drive, and then remove from the pool? Then I can plug it back in and try to recover the files.
  16. I'm trying to remove the damaged drives from the pool and it's gotten to 0.2% over 2hrs. They are both 90% full. I thought Scanner (or DrivePool) was supposed to move data from the damaged drives. The reason I went with DP/Scanner over some kind of raid was for some level of automated protection.
  17. I finally got it to boot back up, but it's SLOW! Scanner says the same 2 drives are damaged (have been for a while, been waiting for prices to normalize before I replace them). Drivepool says "Starting Service (9 minutes)" My OS is a SSD and it not damaged.
  18. Stupid windows forced an update and rebooted my computer. It was acting VERY sluggish. I then noticed that none of the drives were accessible. I went to check on Drivepool and it was stuck with "Connecting to Service (11 minutes)" I tried rebooting it again, but now I can't even connect via Remote Desktop. Please help!
  19. I am now getting text messages every 5-10 minutes, and there are now more damaged volumes. One or more volumes have file systems that are damaged: Covecube Virtual Disk - damaged volumes C:\DrivePool\Cloud 01\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 02\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 03\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 05\ Is this something with scanner not handling virtual drives correctly? Are the cloud drives really damaged? What's going on?
  20. I received a couple emails last night: One or more volumes have file systems that are damaged: Covecube Virtual Disk - damaged volumes C:\DrivePool\Cloud 01\ This is one of the 5 cloud drives I use to make up a 250TB DrivePool that is used to backup my main pool via duplication. Not sure what's going on. I'm not sure that there is anything I can do to fix it... Unless the issue is actually the C: drive. I noticed these in the "Feedback" area:
  21. I have upgraded my server hardware, and I have a couple SSDs and a couple new drives coming next week and I could use some help getting everything setup to maximize speed, efficiency, and backup. I would like to duplicate everything to a cloud drive for offline storage as well. So far my attempts to set that up have been unsuccessful. I would greatly appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could spend some time with me and help me get everything set up properly. Thanks!
  22. Dizzy

    Drive Names Not Saved

    That looks like it was it. I had v2.3.xxxx beta, so it needed upgrading :) Thanks!
  23. I have spent a bunch of time (Several times) going through and identifying all my drives and renaming them. When stupid Windows 10 forces my system to reboot all of the drive names revert back to their generic names. How can this be prevented?
  24. Well shoot, it appears that the CloudPool is useless
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