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  1. I am now getting text messages every 5-10 minutes, and there are now more damaged volumes. One or more volumes have file systems that are damaged: Covecube Virtual Disk - damaged volumes C:\DrivePool\Cloud 01\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 02\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 03\ C:\DrivePool\Cloud 05\ Is this something with scanner not handling virtual drives correctly? Are the cloud drives really damaged? What's going on?
  2. I received a couple emails last night: One or more volumes have file systems that are damaged: Covecube Virtual Disk - damaged volumes C:\DrivePool\Cloud 01\ This is one of the 5 cloud drives I use to make up a 250TB DrivePool that is used to backup my main pool via duplication. Not sure what's going on. I'm not sure that there is anything I can do to fix it... Unless the issue is actually the C: drive. I noticed these in the "Feedback" area:
  3. I have upgraded my server hardware, and I have a couple SSDs and a couple new drives coming next week and I could use some help getting everything setup to maximize speed, efficiency, and backup. I would like to duplicate everything to a cloud drive for offline storage as well. So far my attempts to set that up have been unsuccessful. I would greatly appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could spend some time with me and help me get everything set up properly. Thanks!
  4. Dizzy

    Drive Names Not Saved

    That looks like it was it. I had v2.3.xxxx beta, so it needed upgrading :) Thanks!
  5. I have spent a bunch of time (Several times) going through and identifying all my drives and renaming them. When stupid Windows 10 forces my system to reboot all of the drive names revert back to their generic names. How can this be prevented?
  6. Well shoot, it appears that the CloudPool is useless
  7. Ok, so I added another physical drive to my pool (aka DrivePool), and got it cleaned up. I created a 250TB CloudDrive on BackBlaze and split it into 50TB volumes and created a DrivePool from the volumes (aka CloudPool). I then created a pool from the DrivePool and CloudPool (aka HybridPool) I downloaded the Balancing Plug-In and set it up as follows. My understanding is that with these settings my Unduplicated files will fill up the DrivePool first. And if I never let them fill up then they will all stay on the DrivePool. The Duplicated files w
  8. So, my existing DrivePool is about 60TB. I create a CouldDrive of size 250TB, then create 5x 50TB volumes, then create a Pool of the CloudDrives for a CloudPool of 250TB. If I then create a HybridPool (DrivePool + CloudPool) with duplication then it should have no problems duplicating the 60TB I have. If I add drives to the DrivePool does is automatically adjust the HybridPool, or does it need to be recreated?
  9. Get a Norco box for the drives, and a LSI Host Bus Adapter with External SAS connectors. Then plug the internal SAS connector into the backplane of the Norco box, and the external connector to the external connector of the HBA.
  10. I'm actually looking to do something very similar. In my case I have a pool of 16x physical drives. Only about 10% free across the pool. No duplication. I was hoping to create a couple of CloudDrives (using BackBlaze) that would duplicate the pool of physical drives (basically creating an offsite copy that can be used for restoring) If I understand you correctly, you created a pool of physical drives with duplication (so all data is duplicated within that data pool). You then created a cloud pool with duplication. Then you created a pool of the two pools (physical drives and clo
  11. Would the StableBit FileVault mentioned in the Dev Status page take care of this? If so, we need that FileVault ASAP!
  12. I currently have about 40TB of data across 16 physical HDDs in my server. None of it is duplicated. I have set up 2x 50TB CloudDrives on BackBlaze. How can I add them to my drive pool and set things up so that the physical drives will duplicate onto the cloud drives?
  13. I added two 50TB cloud drives to my pool. I want to duplicate all of my data onto the cloud drives, and have those used to repair the pool if needed. How can I set that up?
  14. Ah, I didn't realize that I could type in a size, I was just looking at the dropdown options. Thanks for that... One thing solved. After my wife lost a lot of HER data in the most recent drive failure, she agreed that it would be worth it to spend some money to ensure that we have things protected properly. I like the idea of backup AND repair. I have DrivePool, Scanner, and CloudDrive. Could you walk me through how to get that set up? I don't think I want to add the BackBlaze drives to the general pool since my data would be added to them in a way where I'd end up accessing
  15. I just installed CloudDrive and got connected to BackBlaze. My ultimate goal is to use Backblaze as a backup. I had a drive recently crash HARD on me and I lost a ton of stuff. I'm hoping to prevent that. I have about 46TB of data that I need backed up. I am not sure if I should create one big ass drive and just copy everything, and figure out a way to maintain it, and have CloudDrive basically as cold storage. I noticed that the largest drive I could make is 10TB. I have folders with 17TB and 18TB, so I can't even duplicate folders. Do I create a bunch of 10TB drives, add them
  16. CloudDrive asks for "User Name", and in Backblaze they asked for my Email address only, but then says "Welcome dizzy49" which is the first part of my email. So not clear what they want in the User Name field. I copied the Account ID from the pop up when I clicked "Show account ID and application ID" I didn't create any buckets in Backblaze though, I checked the "Automatically create new buckets" option in CloudDrive
  17. I'm having the exact same issue.
  18. Tried TestDisk and several other utilities with no success. I can't remember for sure, but I believe I deleted several files for Scanner, and then registered it again and it worked. It only worked for a couple weeks though. What is going on? Why does it keep doing that? I've already had one drive die very suddenly, and I'm afraid without Scanner running like it should be, that it will happen again.
  19. Recurva was the first thing I tried actually It can't do anything since it can't detect any partitions on the drive. Seagate's support was a COMPLETE joke! 3 diff techs, and clearly none of them bothered to read the detailed information that I gave them. I've noticed a SERIOUS decline in their support since they started their data recovery services. Every agent just gave me some BS answer that was completely not helpful, and in one case had absolutely nothing to do with my issue, and then spent the next three paragraphs pushing their data services. It was clearly copy/paste, but I d
  20. Dizzy

    License Lookup?

    I am being forced to reactivate my Scanner app. I cannot seem to find my email with the license info. Is there a way I can look it up? Thanks!
  21. I had a drive die on me completely unexpectedly after the latest Windows 10 update. I want to start replacing the files in the data pool, but I have no idea what files were on the drive. I saw this thread, which leads me to believe there is no way to do this after-the-fact... Which seems like a pretty large flaw in the system.
  22. Why am I just finding this now? Would have been great a week ago BEFORE my drive died. I have no idea what I lost
  23. I made the mistake of allowing Windows to update last night. When I got up this morning one of my disks said it was missing from my Drivepool. I had no previous issues or errors with this drive. I tried to bring up Scanner but it said I needed to enter a license. I entered my license code and it said it was accepted, but didn't change. I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do about the license. I noted that both Drivepool and Scanner have updates, but I didn't get any prompt to download/install updates or anything. As for the drive, it looks like the partition info is corrupt. I
  24. I got a notification bubble today that there was a new version of Stablebit Scanner. I tried to click, double click, and right click on it, but nothing happened. I went to the Scanner website and it said I could simply download and install the new version over the old one. I tried that and it said that I couldn't install it because I had another one of the product installed... Pretty much the OPPOSITE of what the scanner site said :( I was upgrading from beta. I uninstalled the version I had and installed the new version. Now iI've got a "Get A License" button and
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