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Replacing drives in pool - with partial duplication



After a instant drive failure on a secondary server last week - I am now being proactive with my primary server and replacing old disk in biweekly stages.

This server has 4x4TB lineup and I have identified disk 3 as being the first one to be removed. The new disk arrived yesterday but - I do not have all folders in this pool duplicated. What are the correct steps to get this drive out of the pool, out of the box and then swap in it's replacement without jeopardizing any files that could be on drive 3 as single files?

Assuming the Remove function in the UI should empty the drive (?) but I want to be sure before I start making any moves.

And  I assume Balancing would be my next step after the new drive is in place?

Appreciate any tips from the field.




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It is easiest if you have an extra port available (otherwise, it depends on whether you have sufficient space on the three remaining HDDs):

  1. Install new HDD
  2. Add new HDD to Pool
  3. Select HDD to be removed and press Remove

DP will then transfer all non-duplicated files from that HDD to the other HDDs and will do the same with the duplicates that are stored on the HDD-to-be-removed. I am pretty sure it will rebalance automatically but that may depend on settings.

It will be quicker of you allow to duplicate later. In that case, DP will only move the HDD-to-be-removed but frankly, I would always want DP to ensure duplication at all times so I would not use that option.

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