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What anti-virus / firewall are you using with DrivePool?


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I use BitDefender, but I set the actual DrivePool itself to excluded (no scans directly on the DrivePool letter or directories).  I do this for compatibility, since any files I add to the pool have already "landed" and been scanned on machines on the same network.  In other words, if you don't download/save files directly to the pool from the web, you don't need to run real-time scans on the pool.  Just have a separate machine or directory that IS scanned, which takes all new content from the web first, and you're pretty safe.

I also never run programs directly from the DrivePool.  I instead copy them to the C: drive of the machine I plan to run them from.  That copy is protected by the AV software, and so anything coming off the Pool is re-scanned then.

From that perspective if you can set exclusions in whatever AV you are using, you can pick whichever you like, Defender included.

Using this technique and a tuned network layer, I've managed to get my storage server to take network writes to the Pool at around 112-115 MB/s (fully saturated Gigabit).  No AV scanning, full speed.

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I also use Bitdefender on all of my machines.  I don't have any exclusions on my server so it scans the pools.  Never had any issues with it on any version of either software.  It just works.

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