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  1. I use Windows Defender. I just checked the machine with DrivePool and I'm still on 1709.
  2. Hi I just updated Windows and now DrivePool won't load one of my pools. I have 4 drives assigned to two pools (two drive per pool), and one pool won't show up in DrivePool on my system. The data is on the drives, including the hidden DrivePool folders, but DrivePool won't recognize the pool data as being on either of the two drives. When I open DrivePool I can see the two drives in the list, so it looks like I can create a new pool with the two drives, but the original pool can't be seen. The interesting thing is that the disk management option in Windows shows a new partition as
  3. Thanks, Drashna. I downloaded 823 build and still had the error. Resetting the settings worked and so far no issues. I don't mind trying out the interim builds from time to time as my pools aren't heavily used, so I can afford to revert back to a previous, more stable version if needed.
  4. Hi, I have installed the 822 beta version, however, after restarting my machine DrivePool displays the following: The background server failed to start, try to restart the computer. I have restarted twice with no success. The EventLog displays the following error: Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Error getting value from 'PoolUserPath' on 'DrivePoolComm.Info.DrivePoolInfo'. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at (Object , String ) at CoveNative.Extensions.StringExtensions.MakeUserPathFromKernelPath(Strin
  5. I was experiencing the same issue. On my 4 GB machine, the covfs.sys (I think that was the name) driver used up all memory causing my machine to freeze. I tested the same version on my 12 GB machine, and when I attempted to remove a drive from a pool the memory would spike to 6 GB RAM usage and then cause a blue screen. I have reverted back to the release version which doesn't have the issue.
  6. I had the reverse issue. I had an external hard drive that had both a USB and eSATA connection, and while I wanted to use eSATA, for some reason Window could never see the drive on eSATA, but had no issue with the USB connection. I have since only run my external drives on USB. At the moment I have a media server with 4 external drives connect to USB3 ports and have had no issues over the past two years. Scanner has been able to read the SMART data without any issue. I tend not to use generic, cheap enclosures, but would rather stick with vendor external drives. At the moment the 4 dr
  7. I have two WD My Book 1230 external drives and Scanner couldn't read the S.M.A.R.T. data from either drive initially. For both drives I changed the partition from MBR (factory default) to GPT (I had to copy off my data first), and after I did that for both drives Scanner was able to read the S.M.A.R.T. data without any issues.
  8. The problem seems to have been resolved. I rebooted the machine and both the Drivepool and Scanner app are now working without any problems. The issues aside, I am liking what I see with both the Drivepool and Scanner application and will probably be buying both before the end of the trial period. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hi, I have heard great things about Drivepool and Scanner, and am in the process of trying out both. I installed both on a clean install of Windows 10 yesterday and activated the trial license. Today, when I tried to use DrivePool or Scanner it once again displays only the "Get a license" button and doesn't allow me to do anything in the applications. When I click the "Get a license" button it indicates that I have 29.6 days left in the trial, but only allows me to enter the Activation ID or buy a license. I have attached screenshots of what I see. Is there a way I can enable the s
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