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Trying to understand Drivepool and SSD cache...


So I finally got SSD cache set up with Drivepool with speeds ~550/MBs via the 10gb network. But once the SSD fills up the read/write speeds drop back to 200. Also, I have it set up to fill the SSD to 100%% but it only fills to 80%.

Shouldn't the cache offload to the archive HDDs once it fills up?

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Yeah, you'd want/need to rebalance pretty often, if you're adding data often. 
But more importantly, how often it would need to be balanced depends on how much data you're adding, how quickly you're adding it, and the SSD's size.

If "a lot" is the answer to most of that, then "balance immediately" without the time limit/delay may be a better option for you. 


And no, rebalancing often shouldn't be an issue.  Just remember that this will be limited by the speed of the slower disks, and disk activity. By default, balancing is done at a background priority, so activity on the pool may/will slow down balancing (since the priority is given to the other activities). 

You can change that temporarily (the ">>" button at the bottom when balancing/etc), but this reverts once the task has finished.  You can set this to be more permanent, but it may affect performance on the pool.  If you're okay with that:

Set "FileBalance_BackgroundIO" to "false" and restart the service (or reboot the system). 

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