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  1. Telling Scanner to stop/quit the scan would not work. It just kept going. It finished this morning and all the blocks returned to grey. I started a new scan of everything and the few drives I looked at, before I left for work, were turning green as it scanned. I'll be curious to see how it reacts once it gets back to the drive in question.
  2. I have new drives (two 8tb reds + 4 2tb red pros) and so far the scanner is green on everything. EXCEPT 1 drive is all blue. Apparently that means " This block was scanned as part of an ongoing disk surface scan." What exactly does that mean? Also, scanner will not stop scanning this drive and has taken over 24 hours to get to 85%. Should I be concerned?
  3. interesting. So I'd need to rebalance every 30min-hour to maintain higher speeds? (At least while I'm editing) Would rebalancing that often cause issues?
  4. So I finally got SSD cache set up with Drivepool with speeds ~550/MBs via the 10gb network. But once the SSD fills up the read/write speeds drop back to 200. Also, I have it set up to fill the SSD to 100%% but it only fills to 80%. Shouldn't the cache offload to the archive HDDs once it fills up?
  5. reinstalled and it finally works
  6. I'm trying to install SSD OPTIMIZER... "StableBit DrivePool 2.X needs to be installed before installing this plug-in." I changed things so I could run as admin https://www.howtogeek.com/178826/how-to-force-an-msi-package-to-install-using-administrator-mode/ And now it says "This installation package could not be opened, Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package" This is driving me nuts. Any help is appreciated.
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