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ScannerUI slow & pinning processor


I have a somewhat-damaged disk, and I inserted it into the box where I have Stablebit Scanner installed.


It tool *forever* to actually scan the whole surface (not a big deal, it's damaged!) ... but now the scanner UI is REAAALY slow and it pins one of the CPU cores completely. Every click takes nearly 30 seconds to register. 


The Scanner Service rockets along still tho'. 




the 1.5 TB disk has 62053 sectors damaged on the disk -- is this causing some sort of UI paint issue?


the disk in question is not part of the drive pool


I'm logged in remotely to the box via RDP.


Is there any way to turn on some logging for the UI that can help?



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Welcome!  I'm a long time fan of yours. 



As for Scanner, it could be a painting issue, but I'm not so sure that it is.


Could you get a memory dump of the server (Scanner.Service.EXE) and the UI (Scanner.UI.exe) and upload those via the Box.com upload widget on the following link?


And since i'm not sure which version of windows you're using:

WHS/WSS based: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_for_WSS_Error_Reports

"Generic" Windows: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_for_Windows_Error_Reports


The "DirectIOOverride" or "GoodIdentifyOverride" settings may help, but I'm not sure.



And no, there isn't a setting for more verbose logging.

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Hmm... could be an optimization issue with the sector map drawing code. I'll take a look at reproducing this right now. We've got an unlinked IAR open for this issue (#88). IARs are our new workflow for handling bug reports and applying fixes. Normally, IARs are linked to contact requests @ stablebit.com/contact so you can get updates on your issues that way.


I should really write a blog post about our new internal workflow for handling bugs :)

Oh, and as far as logging performance issues in the UI, yes we do. We have a sort of built-in performance profiler in all BETA builds of the StableBit Scanner. It can be shown by pressing 'P' while the focus is inside the window.


If you could take a screenshot of that, along with your sector map it would might me understand what's going on.


I've attached an example of what this looks like.



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Right click on the column headers and select "By Controller". There should by a "By Case" there as well. Both of these options are at the bottom of the list. In addition, there are a bunch of other columns of info you can enable there as well.


@FearTheCowboy, the latest internal beta has the issue you reported fixed. 


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