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  1. Sorry for the belated reply; Christmas happened, and I got behind on this. I did upload a memory dump a long while back, hopefully it's still there (I removed the dying drive over the holidays; If I have to I can stick it back in to replicate the issue again). I'm using the of scanner. G
  2. I have a somewhat-damaged disk, and I inserted it into the box where I have Stablebit Scanner installed. It tool *forever* to actually scan the whole surface (not a big deal, it's damaged!) ... but now the scanner UI is REAAALY slow and it pins one of the CPU cores completely. Every click takes nearly 30 seconds to register. The Scanner Service rockets along still tho'. FYI: the 1.5 TB disk has 62053 sectors damaged on the disk -- is this causing some sort of UI paint issue? the disk in question is not part of the drive pool I'm logged in remotely to the box via RDP.
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