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Ability to specify one of the disks used for folder duplication



I have an idea for a feature that I would like to be added to DP in the future. 
I use 2x and 3x Folder Duplication on some of my folders containing some of the more important stuff.
I would like the ability to manually specify one of the disks used for folder duplication on a per "folder duplication"-level.
This way I could have one disk, that I use as my main duplication disk, so it would contain a copy of all the files from the folders I choose. This way I would know that this disk is my high priority disk containing a copy of all my important files across the duplicated folders. This could be a USB Drive or iSCSI volume to get some hardware location security also.
I hope it makes sense. And if not, is there another way to achieve this?
Thank you for a great product.
Best regards



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Thanks for the link.


I might have misunderstood the folder placement feature, but to me that is a different thing from what i would like to be able to do. 


  • Control over general folder placement


  • Control over what disk to use for duplication.


Or perhaps this could be a sub-feature of the folder placement feature?

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Okay, a rash of requests for this is going around.


I will make sure alex sees this, and hopefully we can get a balancer developed to do this.



That, or if anyone has coding experience (C#, I believe), you could develop one.



But Ordered File Placement may be a suitable substitute for the time being.


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