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  1. Hi Christopher, thank you very much for answering. I am running Windows 8.1 (so Windows Defender should be running) and do not have an additional Anti-Virus installed... I will most definitely send log files and reproduce the issue... but I am afraid I wont get to it before Friday / Saturday. Kind Regards
  2. Hey guys, sorry if the title is too provocative. I didn't mean to upset anybody. But there is something that I came across and it needs to be addressed. When I scan a picture / text with my printer (image file gets stored on DrivePool drive) and then edit it (basically just rotating it) with Windows Photo Viewer or XnView, it occasionally happens that the image file gets corrupted. I have only encountered this phenomenon with - scanned images from my printer that are saved on DrivePool drive. I concluded that maybe the two drives which make up the pool somehow interfere with each other and mess up the image file. Any thoughts on this? Kind Regards
  3. Hi wilsky, few days ago i had a similar question: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/313-assign-hdd-to-3rd-time-folder-duplication-only/ ... it is being worked on!
  4. Dear drashna, thank you for replying so fast. I want to use it for certain folders only. So I will wait for this feature to arrive. Till then I might use Windows Backup to secure important Folders of the stablebit pool. I havent been using DrivePool for a long time now. But it's working superbly. Unlike Windows 8 Storage Spaces which almost killed my entire data! So keep it up!
  5. Hey guys. Maybe confusing title. But what I want is easy to understand with example: 1. OS: Windows 8.1 2. Software: Most recent stablebit DrivePool 3. HDDs: 2x 2TB + 1x 500gb Setup: I have a pool consisting of 2x2 TB at the moment(FIY: before they entered the pool, i activated Bitlocker on both of them and then altered the DrivePool config to deal with bitlocker). Real time duplication is active, so basically a nice mirror. What I Want: I want to activate Folder Duplication (3x) for important folders. I want to use the 500gb Drive (it is not added yet)for that. Is it possible that only the files for Folder Duplication (3x) is stored to the new 500gb drive and nothing else? I want to leave the "mirror" intact and only use the 500gb for the 3rd mirror for certain folders. Is that possible?Thanks in advance
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