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High Interface CRC Error Count




Today I noticed the S.M.A.R.T. values of my hard drives in my storage server are reporting a huge count of Interface CRC Errors. All disks are showing these errors. I'm using ESXI on my Home Server. 2 VM's (1 web server and 1 storage server). 7 hard disks (8TB) are connected on my LSI SAS 9211-8i controller, which is flashed in IT Mode (JBOD). I configured pass-through and linked the controller to my storage VM. The error count continues to increase, but the performance of the disks stays ok. I did a copy from my data pool to my backup pool. 100GB of data copied in 13 minutes. After the copy completed, the error count was increased on all the disks.


I'm wondering what is causing these errors. All the disks in my Storage VM are showing these errors. The hard drive which is connected to my web server (RDM) is not showing these errors. That disk is connected on a SATA-port on my motherboard. Could it be the pass-through configuration which causing issues?

HD Tune Pro: ATA     WDC WD80EFZX-68U Health

ID                              Current  Worst    ThresholdData          Status     
(01) Raw Read Error Rate        100      100      16       0             ok         
(02) Throughput Performance     132      132      54       112           ok         
(03) Spin Up Time               145      145      24       38684393924   ok         
(04) Start/Stop Count           100      100      0        225           ok         
(05) Reallocated Sector Count   100      100      5        0             ok         
(07) Seek Error Rate            100      100      67       0             ok         
(08) Seek Time Performance      128      128      20       18            ok         
(09) Power On Hours Count       100      100      0        1270          ok         
(0A) Spin Retry Count           100      100      60       0             ok         
(0C) Power Cycle Count          100      100      0        220           ok         
(16) Unknown Attribute          100      100      25       100           ok         
(C0) Unsafe Shutdown Count      100      100      0        275           ok         
(C1) Load Cycle Count           100      100      0        275           ok         
(C2) Temperature                176      176      0        214749478946  ok         
(C4) Reallocated Event Count    100      100      0        0             ok         
(C5) Current Pending Sector     100      100      0        0             ok         
(C6) Offline Uncorrectable      100      100      0        0             ok         
(C7) Interface CRC Error Count  200      200      0        9163          attention  

Health Status         : ok




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in a non vm environment those errors mean something is up with the cable/controller or the hard disk controller/sata connector


as its all your disks - it could be the controller


as your other drive is not reporting errors because its on a different controller


not seen it with VM's before


if you connect one of the affected disks to the m/b sata controller do the errors stop?

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After a lot of reasearch and sweating I finnaly figured out the issue. This issue was driving me nuts.


Looks like it was the firmwire version on the LSI SAS 9211-8i controller. The controller was flashed with version P20. This firmwire version can cause a lot of troubles like drives falling out of the raid, CRC Errors etc. I flashed the controller back to firmwire version P19, reconnected my drives, and tried some file copies on the drive pool. None of the drives increased the error count. It's a shame the errors will always stay visible in the S.M.A.R.T. details, but I'm glad this fixed the issue.

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interesting i will have to check which firmware my 9211 is on - thought it was p20 but might be wrong - although i do not have any of the crc errors fortunately


Are you using 4TB disks? I saw someone who was using 4TB Dekstar disks with no issues running the P20 firmware, he had issues with a 6TB Dekstar NAS disk. Perhaps it depends on the brand/size of the disk. I'm using 5x WD Gold 8TB and 2x WD Red 8TB which are both failing under firmware P20.

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