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  1. Thank you Christopher, P19 it is then. As above, I'm a bit surprised that the obviously buggy P20 is still available, especially given that these cards and their variants will be used in enterprise settings.
  2. Sorry for the thread necro, but can anyone confirm if this issue was fixed in later revisions of the P20 firmware? I've just bought a 9211-8i off the bay, and the first thing I did was flash it to IT mode using the latest firmware on Broadcom's site (P20 rev., but after reading around the interwebs it seems that CRC errors are a common theme at least with the P20 initial release. I haven't put the card into service yet, and I'd rather not learn the hard way that the problem is ongoing... I suppose I could just play it safe and drop back to P19 or earlier, but not having the newest and shiniest firmware would make me sad. More importantly, I hate flashing firmware at any time and I'd rather avoid doing it again if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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