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Slow download/upload speeds and sudden stops


So ive been using clouddrive for some time and now it suddenly starts doing strange shit. 


I'm on a 1gig internet speed and for some reason when uploading to gdrive it will not go over 16.5mb/s in upload and not above 5 in download. The software isnt saying anything about being throttled or anything. When uploading/downloading it keeps its speed for 10-12 seconds and then just stops.. 20-30 seconds after it starts uploading again and then stops after 10-12 seconds and it keeps going in that loop. I have 0 idea whats going on but its really not useable. 


Is there anything i can do here?

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Could you open a ticket at "https://stablebit.com/Contact"?


Also, could you do this: 




And reproduce the issue (eg, wait for it to occur, and then upload the log. 

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Along with this, is there a way to setup a round robin of sorts?  I have been working to overcome some strange lagginess and believe that through my testing that lag will go away once I have finished seeding my drivepool (made from Clouddrive drives).  Until then, instead of having to re-authorize my Google Drive or other drives once a day (as the pool continues to seed), can I setup a global threads limit for upload?  This way all other drives will just have to wait their turn, instead of splitting down to <100kbps each, then erroring out due to "slow" speeds.  


I realize this will KILL my performance overall - however it will keep the drives just happily dumping their cache to the drives in the cloud.  Since my home network is slower than most on here (5/50), I do not think I'll run into issues such as listed above.  For me, I am using this as a backup, so performance is NOT high on my list and due to the advanced caching, even while the drives are "waiting" to finish dumping, I can seemingly continue to run my backup every day and the Clouddrive just seems to be able to handle the differences - all the while trying to catch up with the filled up cache.


If needed, I'll certainly submit for a feature request on this one.

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Fwiw I ran into this problem too when seeding my drive with Google drive sync. What I found was Google drive writes temp files to a hidden directory on the same drive your seeding, then copies them over when complete. This causes constant requests to the same chunks, eventually causing throttling then disconnects.



If your seeding method works the same way you can try my fix. I changed the cache mode from fixed to proportional and left it at 50/50 so the temp chunks could stay in read cache. Before I did this my downloads were constantly at least 50% of my upload speeds even though I don't have verify chunks on nor was I doing any reads against the drive, and eventually disconnects. Prefetch was unusable.


After changing it barely reads during seeding and prefetch works. The only time I get slow downs are when my disk I/o on cache drive can't keep up, but generally only lasts a few seconds but doesn't cause disconnects. Here's my settings:


50tb clouddrive encrypted

80gb proportional cache 50/50

10 dl threads

5 ul threads

Prefetch trigger 5mb

Prefetch fwd 50mb (have tested UpTo 200mb w/o issue but found anything over 50 didn't increase overall avg read speed during burst transfers). Get steady ~15-20MB (150-200mbs) read speed on burst transfer downloads with these settings. Have gig connection but upload throttled to 350 and dl to 250mbs. Unlocking these throttles did not increase download speeds with prefetch set higher. Uploads would surge to 550+ then get throttled by Google regardless of thread count.

Time window 30 seconds

Upload chunk 20mb

Download size 5mb (anything larger caused disconnect/throttling issues and slow performance, and lower would cause the same issues due to clouddrive thread count surge when it tries to catch up)

Chunk cache size 100mb

Provider Google drive

Drive indexing disabled

Antivirus scans disabled on drive


Not sure if drive pool will support, but if your using encryption for each drive you may want to make your drives decrypted, add to drive pool, then use bitlocker to encrypt drive pool drive so your CPU isn't doing multiple encryption/decryption cycles against the same data. I would also disable read striping until your seeding is complete to prevent a download thread surge.

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To the op, if you clear your cache does it "jump start" for a while? If so, assuming connectivity is good, could be a cache drive I/o issue, prefetch settings, or something is trying to do aggressive random read/writes to the drive. Open perfmon and check drive tab for details on which processes are reading and writing to what files.

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