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Google Drive Account Disabled

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Mystery solved. I had installed netdrive and mounted my Google drive, but didn't use it to copy anything to/from drive. My a/v scanner is configured to scan local and net drives, and it began attempting to scan repeatedly. Apparently Google didn't like this. I contacted them after they unlocked the account and figured it out. All is well. Sorry for the false flag.


I like the idea of sharing the drive though to prevent getting locked out. I own my domain and gsuite account. I bought it and have 6 accounts paid for monthly (6 family members, we each pay $10/mo). I have about 20tb of system backups, system images, photos, multimedia and my iTunes library. On a side note, the latest version of cloudrive allows me to use prefetch now w/o causing disconnects or throttling. :)

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Ebay account ?

Yeah, apparently, you can buy cheap "GSuite" accounts on ebay.  The problem is ... they technically violate the TOS, and can be shut down.


It hasn't been a problem... until this week, where Google seems to be doing a massive purge. 


No, my own domain that I pay for. I asked Google to enable and they did, but just pointed me to a generic ToS as to the reason. For now, I have access.


Even if the domain is yours, it depends on how you got the account. 


Additionally, even if this is your own domain, and you're paying for this yourself (monthly), if you're only using a single account (or less than 5) and using more than 1TB, it may be a violation of the TOS anyhow. 


If it's all "kosher", then this is definitely odd, on google's part.   And in this case, I would highly recommend contacting them DIRECTLY and talking to them about this. 



Unfortunately, it looks like Google *is* cracking down on account abuse, and you may have been an innocent bystander in this. If so, I am very sorry to hear that.  And again, the best recourse is going to be to contact Google and hope for positive resolution. 

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I marked this as solved, just in case it's helpful.


I'm glad to hear that you were able to identify the cause, and to get everything sorted! 


And yeah ..... that can definitely happen if the antivirus/antimalware isn't configured not to.  




And glad to hear it, about StableBit CloudDrive. :)

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