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  1. Hi Im gettings this error when i try to shrink 60TB drive to 15TB.
  2. Hi What settings would be fastest for transfering large files from google drive to local ? At moment https://i.imgur.com/mTtho4M.png
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/emuu9l/google_gsuit_whats_it_like_and_is_it_still_worth/fdw1cri/ To recap for clarity: * A decent chunk of bans have been occuring, mostly to a mixture of bogus edu and less than 5 user domains. * A Google contact is informing that further purges will continue as enforcement is ratified on the 12th * GSuite uploads have been slowly capped to 120 MB/s per some mixture of domain + user + IP. * Speculation continues on how the usage of TDs and SAs are seen as "abuse" even with 5 or more users. Qs: * Has anyone or i
  4. ufo56

    Upgrade failing....

    yeah i figured that out from log but reboot did not solve that issue. Thats why im asking I try to do one more
  5. ufo56

    Upgrade failing....

    Im trying to update from to, but its failing. http://dl.covecube.com/CloudDriveWindows/beta/download/StableBit.CloudDrive_1.1.0.999_x64_BETA.exe Error log https://pastebin.com/yaxEik75
  6. Okay @Christopher (Drashna) Random idea, is there any point to do chkdsk at every few months ? Does this help to perform drive better ? At moment i see that copy paste from drive is slow. Few hundred kb/s. Some times it rises higher.
  7. Hi What settings other people use ? It worked good until now. Long buffering, random stutterings etc. 500/500 connection and 256gb ssd cache.
  8. Did not have any problems until today. Same issue. Using .929 version. I know its old Gonna update soon and see what happens....
  9. Okay, roger that. I won't do that Thank you for answering!
  10. I have same kind problem, last two months maybe now. Cloudrive itself is 100tb. It constantly pinning(that yello bar down) and every once in a while starts prefetching If i don't cancel pinning then it does not stop before cache drive get's full. 250gb.
  11. Hi I did a 4 disk drivepool(2ssd +2hdd). Some reason i can't add that drivepool hdd to cloudrive cache drive. Can it be done or it is not intended for use like this ? Cloudrive latest and drivepool latest stable(trial)
  12. And another folder corrupted. Now im doing chkdsk /f. Lets see if that changes something... Annoying is that u can't even remove this corrupted folder. 1: Probably if u do md5 hash before upload and after that u check if this match with original 2: Yes, most people here probably is using 100+tb drives. 3: I don't belive there is difference. 4: In forum someone mentioned few months back that whole drive was corrupted.
  13. Another folder full of files got corrupted. Drive has not been disconnected since files have been added.
  14. *Gdrive *NTFS, 100TB disk *Can't find on latest version integrity check *Upload verification off Memtest done. It's ok. Cache SSD ok. Some corrupted files are dated few months back. Some files few days or week. Hundreds files that have been copied between are ok. Just some of them are broken. Annoying is that i can't even delete them.
  15. Now i have this kind of error. Randomly files get corrupted. So far i have found ~50 files. Using beta
  16. Okay. Im using my own domain. Gsuite is registered under my own completely existing bussiness. Only thing is im using only 1 account.
  17. If i be honest. I'm thinking that using clouddrive for torrenting is abusing much cloud storage providers, very high API calls. Like i understand covecube pays for API calls that we using in clouddrive. We don't use API limit that is set our user. Because rclone users all the time complaining API ban for 24 hours. Or i get it wrong ?
  18. ufo56

    Plex playback issues

    Downgrading plex to public version helped a little. I was using plexpass.
  19. ufo56

    Plex playback issues

    Hi I have been using clouddrive and plex now maybe 6 months. Windows machine where drive is shared to lan and then mounted on linux. Nothing special. With exact same configuration everything worked great before. But lately there have been many issues playing media files. Can't seek on video files, plex just stops after 20-30 sec. Some files won't even start. When i try to play files with VLC they work. Files seems to be okay, no corruption whatsoever. 100TB disk. Download threads 15 Upload threads 5 Prefetch trigger 10mb Prefetch forward 400mb Prefetch time window 400 sec Min downl
  20. ufo56

    Drive Resize

    If i make new drive and size that 100tb ? And move data to new drive.
  21. ufo56

    Drive Resize

    Hello I tried to resize my drive, at moment it is 10tb and i extended to 30tb. Clouddrive shows 30tb but in reality its 10tb. Disk management shows unallocated 20tb partition and when i try to exten 10tb partition i get this error The volume cannot be extended because the number of clusters will exceed the maximum number of clusters supported by the file system
  22. ufo56

    File copy very slow

    Sry, i forget to answer. Different drives. My unraid machine and clouddrive machine is separated. I mount my clouddrive share over gigabit network. And when i copy to unraid machine to clouddrive share then everything freezes. Clouddrive can't upload or download data after file copy is done. It is somewhat better when i use ssd as cache drive. With HDD im starting to get bandwith errors and so on. Maybe HDD can't handle incoming LAN transfer and same time uploading/downloading data. 24/7 i get 300/300, i tried even 500/500 connection but same thing.. It would be nice if c
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