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  1. I checked the system protection (shadow copy) option for the CloudDrive. It was already off. I am guessing that Windows by default sets this feature off for portable or virtual drives. I don't think this is the issue I am seeing because shadow copy would create the snapshot only at certain time intervals (or other somewhat predictable system event) . The excess activity I see occurs regularly during normal use of the CloudDrive. I have done quite a bit of analysis and the problem seems to be related to the prefetch and pinning options. I can get the efficient CloudDrive behavior I exp
  2. I have been working hard at evaluating the CloudDrive product. Generally things are working well. I have noticed a problem with my 10GB google drive. The drive contains approx. 250 MB of data. I have monitored the amount of traffic that CloudDrive generates for this drive. It often uses more than 500 MB of transfer traffic to sync this drive -- even though only a few files (totaling less than 3 MB in size) have been changed. In just a couple of weeks I have used over 50GB of data with CloudDrive (this makes my provider frown). That 50 GB is all related to 250MB of mostly static data com
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