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[Feature Request] Recommended settings for use with Plex



Browsing social media and other sources, I am seeing more and more a use case of StableBit Cloud Drive in conjunction with Plex as one of the recommended ways to have unlimited storage as a back end for media libraries.


I personally have been using it for about 5 months after testing for 1 month and have loved the results. You have to sacrifice some upfront load time and seek time but the result is you have unlimited storage.


What I am requesting is because I see this coming up more and more, is a setting for CloudDrive and possibly even DrivePool, that would automatically fine tune the performance of the Drive/Pool for use with Plex. I see many different recommended setup setting being thrown around with from users that don't fully understand what the setting actually do for performance. As the creators of the software, you would have more insight on what settings to actually use, for each provider, to maximize performance for the Plex use case, instead of power users hunting down and tweaking their drives using information on the internet that could negatively impact them.


What I propose, is on the I/O Performance window you can create a checkbox to say "Use recommended settings for Plex" which would automatically fill in the boxes with the settings that would work best for a cloud drive with large media libraries. That would take a lot of the guess work out for new users looking to setup a cloud drive for plex and ensure they are not negatively affecting performance in their initial testing phase of the product and could convert more demo uses to sales. This checkbox could also change settings that the user won't have access to traditionally if needed, so it is more even more incentive to be using the "recommended settings".


You could also take this into consideration when you have the wizard for creation of a new drive. I would have loved to have a checkbox when I initially created my drives that said "This drive would be for use with Plex" then it automatically sets the chunk size for the provider to maximum and sets the drive size to the largest sector size for easy drive expansion in the future, without having to re-create the drive.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




EDIT: You could also continually optimize the settings with future releases as different options or better settings become available as the product matures. Thus ensuring that the settings I have on the drive today, don't stay as the potential back end of the program changes and better settings become available.

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Sorry for missing this in the first place! 


Increasing the minimum download size would be the main that that helps with performance. 


The other is to play with the prefetcher settings.


setting the prefetch values to 10MB, 100MB and 30s, should be good for videos, but not grab too much when accessing music, metadata and other small content on the drive. 



And make sure you have enough threads for download (5-10, max). 

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