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  1. Found my issue. The datacenter dns, switched to OpenDNS and now seeing 450+Mb.
  2. Please help me get to the bottom of why I'm experiencing slow, in relative terms, compared to my dedicated server 1Gb connection. Average speeds, this is while something is uploading at 130Mb. With 20 threads I am seeing 100 - 140Mb on a machine with gigabit up / down. With 10 threads, I see 60Mb max at all times. That seems a long way off from 900 potential? 2 x CloudDrives in a Drivepool with 2 x file duplication (OS + 1 cache on one drive, other drive cache on another drive, both HDD, both encrypted) Network adapter is set to Public, yet firewall won't let me edit to a
  3. Hi, My VPS keeps crashing overnight for some reason and takes the server completely offline, I assume it is blue screening. I have reason to believe it's CloudDrive / Drivepool causing it. I submitted my logs for both CloudDrive + Drivepool earlier via my email danjames92@hotmail.com. CloudDrive / Drivepool BETA / Server 2012 R2 with all patches.
  4. Ok well forget that idea. I've now uploaded around 900GB of content to Drive 1. I've detached and reattached Drive 1 and 2 to the VPS. The Drivepool is now balancing but it's only sent around 85GB in the last 8 hours. Is this normal with 700Mb up / 500Mb down? It is a VPS but it has an SSD although doesn't seem particularly fast. OS, 2 drive caches are on the same SSD (unavoidable) Are there any settings that can make it quicker? I would've thought a line with 700Mb up would provide a quicker upload? Attached is the config I am using at the moment. No prefetch. Anythin
  5. Another idea. SE - Drive 1 EDU - Drive 2 Drivepool = Drive 1 + 2 x2 file duplication I am currently uploading to Drive 1. Drive 2 is not mounted anywhere. Once the upload to Drive 1 is done, to save downloading the data from Drive 1 to upload to Drive 2 on the VPS, can I sync the data from Drive 1 to Drive 2 using the sync feature? Won't this duplicate the drive exactly so it won't have it's own encryption key? What if there is already some data on Drive 2?
  6. 861 is the latest. You can download betas below. http://dl.covecube.com/CloudDriveWindows/release/download
  7. So unmounting from both, mounting one at home, uploading, then detaching and reattaching both drives to the VPS again is ok?
  8. I worked it out. By default it'll go to C:\$User\Downloads by default anyway then move it to the clouddrive after.
  9. Hi, I have 2 Google Drive accounts with 2 x file duplication in a Drivepool. I have a load of content I want to upload from home to the cloud. To save uploading the large files twice, can I mount ONE of these drives at home, upload the content, then detach, reattach to the VPS and have the VPS do the replication without corrupting my drivepool?
  10. Those settings won't help for Plex. See these helpful threads. https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/697c3z/stablebit_clouddrive_plex_and_you_an_update/
  11. I would also like to know what this means. What happens if say we set Storage chunk size to 20MB and Chunk Cache Size to 100MB? What is the effect?
  12. What I'm trying to understand is to make the streaming more efficient. I have 75Mb down, 17 up. I want 2 Google Drives replicated and have them in a drivepool together with 2x replication. Is there a way to make it so that I can send files to be uploaded to one part of the pool and that is mirrored to the other without uploading the data twice? i.e. once it's uploaded to the cloud in one drive, it can be mirrored using the clouds resources rather than my bandwidth? At the moment I have a tv section pointed to just one drive rather than the pool itself as I hear this is more eff
  13. Does anyone use this in combination with Sonarr? Would like to hear from others experiences with it. Curious to know if it's downloading the whole file when scanning it as this will throw a spanner into the works with my plan.
  14. I think I understand what you are saying. I have 2 google drive accounts in a drivepool with file replication on. How would I best set this up to make my streaming situation better? Only set one account to have a precatch rather than both? Server is running Windows, on and SSD with 50GB fixed cache per grdrive account ,wired gigabit etc.
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