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Google Drive will disconnect every night





I have had this problems for a few weeks now. I use CloudDrive as an backend to plex, in the biginning everything went great!

But now, every night clouddrive will disconnect. The error that i receiv is in the console is:


 "<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive in a timely manner.


Error: Thread was being aborted.


This error can be caused by having insufficient bandwidth or bandwidht throttling. "



Second error messages is saying :


"<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive.


Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and have sufficient bandwidht available. "


And every morning i wake up the drive have disconnected, resulting in i have to rescan some libraries from time to time.


I'm sure that my network is not the problem, everything else is working great and the second google drive does not disconnect (I have two drives). I have tried do disable "Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance" in Plex without an effect.


Any tips in my situation?


Thanks for a great software!


edit: I am on the lates beta release(

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They should just add the option to the UI to change the amount of errors before a dismount. Currently it can only be changed by editing the settings file directly

The problme with that, is that this setting can cause system instability if set too high. That's why it's not part of the UI. 




Yet i have edited the config file to accept more errors before it should disconnect, or does the config file reset on every update?


Yes, updates overwrite the file (as this file MUST exist, or the service will not load). 

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