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  1. Yet i have edited the config file to accept more errors before it should disconnect, or does the config file reset on every update?
  2. Hi! I have had this problems for a few weeks now. I use CloudDrive as an backend to plex, in the biginning everything went great! But now, every night clouddrive will disconnect. The error that i receiv is in the console is: "<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive in a timely manner. Error: Thread was being aborted. This error can be caused by having insufficient bandwidth or bandwidht throttling. " Second error messages is saying : "<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive. Make sure that yo
  3. One real problem i have. Is that, Cloud Drive is indexing the drive everytime i reboot my system. It's definitely not a one time job.
  4. I think it is better for me now. I get some messages of "Cloud Drive is having truble downloading data from google drive". But it dont really affect performance for me Edit. The problem persists. I´m running version 827.
  5. Hi! On newly created drives i got a lot of uploading errors, it can take forever to upload just 200mb of data. On an older drive i have no problems at all to upload. I took a picture of the error in the "Feed Back console" I have a 200/200 Mb/s connection. Is it a known problem? Thanks! Edit: The old drive was created using version 777, and the new drive was created using version 811. I am using version 819 atm.
  6. What is your download speed? Mine max out on ~30mbp/s and i cant have more than 2-3 streams on plex at any given moment. The upload was great, but i am disappointed about the download. I have a 700mbp/s download link so the "muscles" are there.
  7. The drive dismounted overnight so i needed to start to upload all over again this morning. I have uploaded about 200GB now of 300 and i have a response time of 30-35 seconds. The upload halts from time to time. But, i got all my 15 threds allocated Edit: Think the drive crashed or something. The funny thing it happend at 63% completion of the transfer. The same % as last night. This error messages appears in the Service Log. 6:19:51.3: Warning: 0 : [CloudDrive] Error updating statistics. The system cannot find the file specified 6:19:51.7: Warning: 0 : [CloudDrive] Error i
  8. I did this to. The speed was really good and response time from google was 0,5 sec. Now 30 minutes later it takes a really long time to create a single thread and when the thread is created i have a respone time of 5-6 seconds on average and the upload halts. It seems that the longer you use the drive, the longer the response time and the time to create a thread takes. Do you guys have the same problem? Edit: The threads seems to get created and i got a good speed. The Responst time is up to ~ 10 seconds for me now.
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