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Setting up a new server - do I have to redo drive pool


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It picks right back up. I'd attach all the disks first, make sure they're all being seen, and then install DrivePool. The point of doing the disks first just being that it's easier to troubleshoot disks not showing up while DrivePool isn't busy trying to examine the attached disks, in my opinion. If you already installed it, you can just disable the service and then later reenable it.

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I too am considering a server rebuild soon - and would like to do the same as the folks above. However - I am using drivepoints for my drives - which has worked perfectly.


What is the correct order of business here:


1. Reinstall Windows Server

2. Connect my drives and redo the drivepoints

3. Then install DrivePool and Scanner





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Sorry for the delay.


That's pretty much it.  At least the bare minimum. 



  1. Deactivate licenses
  2. Reinstall the OS
  3. connect the drives
  4. Reinstall the software
  5. Activate. 
  6. (Optional) change NTFS permissions. 


That should be all that you need to do.  DrivePool itself will see the pooled disks, and automatically rebuild the pool. Nothing else needs to be done at that point to get the pool working again.  

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