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  1. I'm not sure how to address this issue. I'm at a loss right now considering how much data is at stake. Understandable if I lose a drive due to some failure if no duplication but if I do have duplication I do not expect such a data loss to occur. But hopefully this is something I can mostly recover from but I just don't know how to proceed. For now I've shut off my server. The only thing I did tonight was update to the latest cumulative update for Server 2016 but since I can access some other smaller folders that are on drive pool I don't believe its due to the update. Or maybe it i
  2. I'd like to backup my emulation folder since it took a bit of time to setup and would not want to deal with setting it up again if I were to have hard drive failure. Does it matter if I'm backing up a ton of small files into the pool? It's something like 200gb but it's actually over 40,000 files.
  3. Is it possible to ensure that a folder structure like this... videos\movies\movie\5-7 files for the movie That the 5-7 files are in the same folder when duplicated instead of scattered?
  4. Yeah, I should have. I plan to do a clean install when I get my pool back online
  5. I'm not sure yet if I lost any data but if I didn't I'd like to still try to move to Server 2016 Essentials. What isn't clear is what the best practice is to switch OS 1) Do I disconnect the drives when I do a clean install of Server 2016? 2) After the OS is installed, do I just immediately install drive pool and it expect it to pick up the drives? 3) Is there anything I should be (or not) doing after the initial installation of Drive Pool? Like should the pool be left alone as it is discovering the files?
  6. I'm having serious issues with my pool since trying to move to Server 2016. I should have not bothered as I had working server but I guess hate myself. The worse that could happen though has occurred. Drive Pool does not work properly anymore. I'm now back on 2012 after an image restore but nothing has been fixed. There are some serious issues going on at the moment... 1) It looks like paths are not correct anymore across the drives. a ) If I check the folder size at a parent folder, it will be reported incorrectly. If I go into the folder its fine b ) Network
  7. I'm wondering if I'll need to back up my data and rebuild the pool if I format / start from scratch a new server. Or can I install drive pool and it will pick up the previous pool setup if the drives are in the system?
  8. I would rather not go through the process of setting up the server / drive pool again but not sure if I'll have to with an upgrade. Has anyone tried?
  9. Ok good to know! Since I'm building my server now, does it make sense to go with the stable and wait for final?
  10. I see the same version that I installed at the beginning of the year still being the final version available. I'm building a new server and hesitant to build again with Drive Pool if development is stagnating. Also, the RC - safe to use? And what is the release date?
  11. Yeah looks like I have file history turned on. Didn't realize that until last night. Just disabled it since I don't need it. Shadow copies is a different option?
  12. I get about 30MB/s to the server even though every other pc to pc transfer is much faster. So yeah, I have the same issue
  13. I'm down 300gb even in the last two days even though I've added much lower than that. If I delete files, do duplicated files get deleted automatically?
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