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what is the most used cloud provider right now? Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive?


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so they ban you for putting encrypted content on ACD?


From what I've seen posted here, it seems like it's more of them trying to stop developers from putting in any kind of encryption into their applications.


You, as a user, can probably still get away with uploading encrypted content with no issue. Amazon just doesn't want to make it easy for you.




Also, I use ACD, but only because it's unlimited (I don't have an unlimited GDrive), but Google Drive is likely the safer bet (and better performance too).

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Google Drive works best with stablebit clouddrive. Amazon doesnt allow encryption so the future there is unknown

It's a development guideline specifically.  


We're not sure if it's a hard requirement, as other products *are* encrypting data.


That said, our relationship with Amazon Cloud Drive hasn't been .... great.  Getting detailed information is like pulling teeth... and I mean this is for stuff like max bandwidth per client, and max number of threads per client.  This should be simple info ... but yet, we've never gotten a straight answer.





If you want a more reliable provider, Google Drive. 


Otherwise, the best are enterprise providers. But those are EXPENSIVE. 

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Drive lets you use 20 threads, ACD allows 4. 


Amazon Cloud Drive has a hard coded max, because too many connections will cripple the provider for ALL users (because we're on a development profile, we basically get a bandwidth pool for the entire app... too many connections means a nasty bottleneck for everyone). 


Google Drive has no such limitation here.  But too many threads will be throttled, as it puts a heavy load on the server (basically, it may trigger flood/DoS protection). 

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