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Scanner - accessing disks all the time


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Not sure what all you have tried, so this what comes to mind from my own recent stroll down this path...


Go to "Settings", then "Scanner Settings", click on the S.M.A.R.T. Tab and check the box "Throttle Queries" as well as check the box "Do not query if the disk has spun down".


Hopefully that will get you moving in the right direction.



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Actually, I think Alex once wrote a piece on this somewhere here or on stablebit.com. As I understand it, the issue is that when you ask a drive for its status, that will cause the disk to spin up. IIRC there is a state accoriding to the OS which may not be the same as the state according to the actual drive and it is the latter you would want (but peeking would cause it to spin up).

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I've moved all the "good posts" about how the software works, into the "Nuts and bolds" forum for each product.


Umfriend is referring to this:



And yeah, it's like schrodinger's cat. You can't know without observing, and that act of looking changes the outcome. :)




The only way to know for sure is to check the power consumption of the entire system. 


To do this, buy a Kill-O-Watt power meter or get a UPS/Battery Backup that reports the watt usage, as well.

Keep the disks active (for instance "ping" all of the disks, or run a burst test in StableBit Scanner), and measure.  And then compare from there. 

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