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Multiple License, Mounting Same Drive from different Locations?




Can i buy a second license for stablebit and simultaneously mount a drive here at my house, and then also mount the drive to the same provider from a dedicated server i'm renting?

Home server - 1 license, mounted to provider A


Dedicated server - 1 license, mounted to provider A

Will it be the same exact drive and can both be uploaded and read from all the time?

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You can absolutely purchase multiple licenses (at a discount even).


But no, the drive cannot be mounted in multiple locations at the same time.  You can mount different drives on multiple systems from the same account.  


But because of how the drive works, it can only be mounted at one location at a time. 

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Would it be possible to do a read-only mount in the future?  I would love to have a rented server in the cloud do all the uploading, then have multiple servers for read-only access.  


It's a possibility that we do plan on looking into, in the future.  But not for the first stable release.

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