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Disk damaged.


Hello everybody, my stablebit scanner started reporting one of my drives to be damaged. It shows only one block of 465mb damaged and drive pool started immediately evacuating the entire drive.

The drive seems to function normal. Can i continue using it in the pool by telling the pool to ignore that damaged block and continue use the rest of the drive?

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how old is the drive?


if its new (say less than 3 months) you might be lucky and its the only block that will fail - you need to keep a very close eye on it - disk do have spare blocks that they remap to - usually you suffer poor performance when that block is trying to be read as its in another part of the drive. I have one drive thats several years old that has just one bad block which it got soon after i got it but none since.


If the drive is old then this is the first indication that its going to die - how long it will last to unknown but it will get worse


As for using it - how much do you value your data and the risk of corruption etc????

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The damaged sector(s) indicates an issue with reading data from the drive.


There are a number of things that can cause this to happen, but generally, it's not a good thing and indicates a serious issue.  This is why StableBit DrivePool will automatically evacuate the drive. 


You can clear the status: 


Double click on the disk, or click on the '+" to the left of the drive.  Click on the fourth button down (the green circle).  Select the "mark all unreadable sectors as unchecked"  option. 


This will cause the damaged sectors to be rescanned.  If the issue comes back, then the disk is having a mechanical issue, and you may want to replace it. 



However, if it comes back as "readable", then you may want to run a "Burst Test" on the disk (by right clicking on the drive).  If this Burst Test comes back with issues, then there is a communication issue with the drive (which is also bad). 

Fixing this issue may be problematic, as there are a number of causes. 

Reseating the connectors, checking the power supply (eg, if it has enough power for your hardware), and checking the drive controller card (if applicable) are a good idea. 

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The red block says

sectors 1.33gb

152gb readable

982kb unreadable

163gb readable


Is 982kb unreadable able to ruin the entire drive?

the drive is 1 year old and is the seagate archive 8tb.


It can be.  if that 982kb was the MFT (the NTFS file allocation table), it would render the entire volume unreadable. 


Try clearing the status, and rescan. 



If it comes back, then yes, there is a problem.

You may be able to run "chkdsk x: /b" to fix the issue, but I'd personally RMA the drive. 


If it doesn't, it may be a communication issue.  The Burst test in Scanner can help identify these. 



get it replaced under warranty


other blocks are likely to begin to fail


usually they will send you one out and as long as you send the old one back in a defined time you will not be charged - can depend where you are in the world


Yes and no. Most likely, you are correct.  


Advanced replacement is fantastic though. They send the drive first, and give you 30 days to send back the old drive. 

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