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Does Drivepool ever get updated?


Not coming at this from a trouble/complaint angle but I noticed today that Drivepool remains at the same version level as when I started this past spring.


Does this app ever get any updates. Or am I missing a notification or something?





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However, there hasn't been a public release in a while, in a large part due to focus on StableBit CloudDrive. 

It's taken us much longer than we anticipated to get to a point where that product is stable, and Alex (the Developer) has been focusing on that (as we really want to get a release out soon). 


Once that is done, we do plan on hitting the queue of issues for StableBit DrivePool, and StableBit Scanner.  As well as add a number of changes/improvements to these products as well. 




But since there hasn't been a public release, you won't get a notification in the app.  The public builds (beta and release) get a lot more testing than the internal beta builds, and the public builds are the only ones that get pushed out to people (for that reason). 


However, you can find the "bleeding edge" builds here:



These are "at your own risk" builds, as they can contain issues. 

The build is fairly stable, as internal betas go, though. 

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Probably won't want to risk my server data with a bleeding edge build at this time. Will be patient for the next "public".



Totally understand.  


If you do run into any specific issues, let me know (either here, via PM, email, or https://stablebit.com/Contact), and I may be able to direct you to a build that fixes the specific issues.  Or help track them down for you. 

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