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Drives from 2 Drivepools moved to 1 new PC



I have 2 different machines using Stablebit Drivepool as I have 2 licenses. I am now building another PC where I will pool all the drives from these 2 PCS into a new PC and I will transfer one of my license to this new PC. 

What I want to know is that what will happen if Drivepool on new PC sees 2 different pools of HDDs moved from 2 old PCs. Will my pool/s rebuild in new PC? If yes, will it rebuild a new pool with 2 previous pools combined or will it rebuild 2 new pools in new PC? And, if it rebuilds 2 pools can I then merge them to a single pool?
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Hi varied, DrivePool will identify the two pools as being different and connect to each of them as two separate pools on the new PC.

There is no built-in command to merge pools (yet) but it can be done manually.

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