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Loosing communication/connection between NUC6i3 USB3 and HDD-case



Hi! I am using a NUC as a home server.


This is my setup:



Kingston M.2 2280 120GB SSD

HyperX Impact DDR4 2133MHz 8GB SODIMM

Windows 10 Pro

StableBit Drivepool

StableBit Skanner


4xWD RED 6TB NAS drive

1xSeagate Archive 8TB 5900RPM SATA

1xSeagate ST40000DM000-1F2168


Sometimes the NUC is loosing the connection With the ICYBOX or a single drive, and the only thing that Works to get it back online again is to reboot the NUC and the ICYBOX. I have updated all the drivers and bios. I have a little less than 2TB of free Space left in the drivepool. This is not my first time harddrives are lost when the pool/drives are getting full. Does anyone of you know why this happens, or  have a solution to fix this. I believe this is the Third computer I've set up to get a working system. Hope you can help...



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Well, that looks to be a rebranded MediaSonic ProBox (or using the same hardware as). 


Unfortunately, I suspect that this is more of a hardware issue than a software issue.  


Alex (the developer) has the mediasonic, 4 bay version of these and they have issues with the power adapters. However, this looks to use the standard power hookup, with the convert internal. 


I'd recommend checking the Event Viewer (run "eventvwr.msc"), open the "Windows Logs" section and open the "System" log.  Find any ntfs, disk, or usb/xhci related errors.  If you're seeing this, it may indicate where the issue is occurring. 


Additionally, for StableBit DrivePool, you can enable logging.


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Thank you for your suggestions. I read through some of the posts at the MediaSonic forum pages and they mentioned that the Jmicron controller had some issues with drives having unreadable sectors and similar errors and as a result the drive or the Box would disconnect. My Archive disk has a few damaged sectors allready(less than a year old) and I have now disconnected this disk. Due to low available Space in my drivepool I allready ordered a new Archive disk a few days ago and it's coming soon. I may consider returning the other one as it's still in it's warranty.

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 I may consider returning the other one as it's still in it's warranty.


If this is the Seagate Archive drive (first, that's surprising, but not unexpected).... then these drives have a 3 year warranty period.  meaning that you should be able to RMA the drive. 



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