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  1. I see... there is still one thing I don't understand. The SSD Optimizer still wants to empty the SSD Pool. Why is this? If everything is as it should be, the Pool Organization bar should be at 100%. Am I right?
  2. I am saying that it is like in example 1. When placing files in folders only on the the SSD Pool the files are stored on the SSD Pool. When placing files in folders that are on both the SSD Pool and the Archive Pool they are always placed on the Archive Pool. When ticking "File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins." files are placed on the SSD Pool. With this ticked, will the VMs stay on the 860 Pro no matter what? ...or can files be placed on the 860 Pro if a balancer plugin chooses to do so?
  3. Hi. I have the exact same problem. I am running a pool with two sub pools, one for archive disks and one with ssd's. I don't understand why Drivepool wants to empty the SSD Pool completely. There is no activity on this pool and all files are placed on the archive pool. Turning off the SSD Optimizer stops this behavior but then files are not placed on the ssd's first. The files currently on the SSD Pool are not moved because of File placement rules. The 860 Pro is for Hyper-V machines only and do not allow placement of any other folders. What am I doing wrong here... Help is appreciated đŸ™‚ Thanks.
  4. A little update: The balancer starts moving files to my HDD. When it's done, it starts moving them back again to the SSD. Turning off the "SSD Optimizer" resolves the issue.
  5. Yesterday I added a SSD(2TB) and HDD(16TB) to my pool. I set the SSD as SSD in the "SSD Optimizer" plugin and chose to only allow the "Downloads" folder to be placed on the SSD. The "SSD Optimizer"- and "StableBit Scanner"-plugin is activated. As of typing this post, Drivepool is moving files from the "Downloads" folder to my new 16TB HDD. This is just stupid. Thought it was supposed to obey the placement rules no matter what. What am I doing wrong? "File placement rules respect real-time...." is unchecked Thanks! Roger J.
  6. Hi! It looks to me that this is a task for a syncronization software. Using DP (preferably on a local server or a NAS) is perfect for backups and give you centralized access to your files. But putting the files there is something you have to do yourself. To automatically move/copy files from and to a USB that is connected/disconnected frequently will need software that detects the USB when its present and then check if this is the same USB as last time. Personally I use AllwaySync to do this. It stores a metadata file on the USB to check if it's known. It's freeware up to a certain amount of files transfered per month, maybe you should try it. If you chose to get one or allready have a NAS at home, you can use AllwaySync to transfere your pictures to it. Why don't you use a cloud service like Dropbox or Onedrive. These services can syncronize files between several computers and keep all computers up to date as long they are connected to the internet. It cost money if you need more space though... Hope my comments help :-) Roger J.
  7. Hi everyone. I have some older software that is unable to get data from network shares, and I wonder if there is a way to make a virtual Hard Drive in Windows 10 that points to a network share. Mapping a share doesn't work. Thanks! Roger J.
  8. Update: After some long time testing I've concluded that the USB contoller on my NUC6i3 was the problem. I connected the enclosures to my HTPC and I had no problems with the pool the next 30 days. Bummer... :-( , but also a relief to finally know why I had such problems. I'd like to say thanks to Christoffer for giving me some pointers in finding the cause of my problems. I have now made the decision of turning my 5-year-old high end gaming pc into a VM-/file-server. I bought some extra RAM, and a LSI SAS-card to get enough ports and speed for my drives. Now I have to get myself familiar with Hyper-V and how to set up VMs. A lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the entire process. Thanks.
  9. Open folder properties, go to the security tab->advanced and change the owner to administrators or your own username. Needs to be done for each root folder. Remember to include changing the owner on all subfolders. Roger J.
  10. I assume the software I'm looking for will place deleted/original files in a "recycle bin" type of folder. I have had a look at AllwaySync, but it doesn't look much like a backup software to me, even if it works similar to what i need. Roger J.
  11. As long as all of the drives in your pool are inside the enclosure it will show up as usual. Nothing special you need to do really. Roger J.
  12. What do you mean? Wouldn't this be a backup solution? I am not going to use anything else than hard drives for my backups. Wether the hard drives are placed in the same computer case as the server, or in another enclosure next to it wouldn't make much of a difference in my opinion. Roger J.
  13. I am considering to make two separate pools and instead of using duplication on a single pool, use some kind of software to synchronize the two pools to keep them equal. The reason for this is to be able to recover accidentally deleted or altered files that is shared on the network. Do someone here have some thoughts on if it is a good way to go, or maybe recommend other solutions to be able to recover deleted/altered network files. Roger J.
  14. I found a driver update at highpoints website and I'm trying it out to see if there's some improvements...
  15. Sorry for VERY late response to this post. I have just now uploaded the logfiles. I have also some additional information. In an attempt to fix my problem I bought the HighPoint’s RocketStor 6114V 4-Bay USB-C RAID Storage Enclosure. It took less than two days before the disks inside lost their Connection. At the same time four disks lost their Connection in the ICYBOX enclosure leaving only one disk operational. I also see that DP remeasures and check duplication consistency every two hours or so after I started using the Highpoint enclosure.
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