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  1. Hi! It looks to me that this is a task for a syncronization software. Using DP (preferably on a local server or a NAS) is perfect for backups and give you centralized access to your files. But putting the files there is something you have to do yourself. To automatically move/copy files from and to a USB that is connected/disconnected frequently will need software that detects the USB when its present and then check if this is the same USB as last time. Personally I use AllwaySync to do this. It stores a metadata file on the USB to check if it's known. It's freeware up to a certain amount of files transfered per month, maybe you should try it. If you chose to get one or allready have a NAS at home, you can use AllwaySync to transfere your pictures to it. Why don't you use a cloud service like Dropbox or Onedrive. These services can syncronize files between several computers and keep all computers up to date as long they are connected to the internet. It cost money if you need more space though... Hope my comments help :-) Roger J.
  2. Hi everyone. I have some older software that is unable to get data from network shares, and I wonder if there is a way to make a virtual Hard Drive in Windows 10 that points to a network share. Mapping a share doesn't work. Thanks! Roger J.
  3. Update: After some long time testing I've concluded that the USB contoller on my NUC6i3 was the problem. I connected the enclosures to my HTPC and I had no problems with the pool the next 30 days. Bummer... :-( , but also a relief to finally know why I had such problems. I'd like to say thanks to Christoffer for giving me some pointers in finding the cause of my problems. I have now made the decision of turning my 5-year-old high end gaming pc into a VM-/file-server. I bought some extra RAM, and a LSI SAS-card to get enough ports and speed for my drives. Now I have to get myself familiar with Hyper-V and how to set up VMs. A lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the entire process. Thanks.
  4. Open folder properties, go to the security tab->advanced and change the owner to administrators or your own username. Needs to be done for each root folder. Remember to include changing the owner on all subfolders. Roger J.
  5. I assume the software I'm looking for will place deleted/original files in a "recycle bin" type of folder. I have had a look at AllwaySync, but it doesn't look much like a backup software to me, even if it works similar to what i need. Roger J.
  6. As long as all of the drives in your pool are inside the enclosure it will show up as usual. Nothing special you need to do really. Roger J.
  7. What do you mean? Wouldn't this be a backup solution? I am not going to use anything else than hard drives for my backups. Wether the hard drives are placed in the same computer case as the server, or in another enclosure next to it wouldn't make much of a difference in my opinion. Roger J.
  8. I am considering to make two separate pools and instead of using duplication on a single pool, use some kind of software to synchronize the two pools to keep them equal. The reason for this is to be able to recover accidentally deleted or altered files that is shared on the network. Do someone here have some thoughts on if it is a good way to go, or maybe recommend other solutions to be able to recover deleted/altered network files. Roger J.
  9. I found a driver update at highpoints website and I'm trying it out to see if there's some improvements...
  10. Sorry for VERY late response to this post. I have just now uploaded the logfiles. I have also some additional information. In an attempt to fix my problem I bought the HighPoint’s RocketStor 6114V 4-Bay USB-C RAID Storage Enclosure. It took less than two days before the disks inside lost their Connection. At the same time four disks lost their Connection in the ICYBOX enclosure leaving only one disk operational. I also see that DP remeasures and check duplication consistency every two hours or so after I started using the Highpoint enclosure.
  11. I use an 8-bay USB enclosure to store my hard-disks for my DrivePool. Over the years I have noticed that the pool tend to stop responding or lose some of its drives when the pool is getting low free space. Only solution I've found is to turn off the computer and enclosure, disconnect power to enclosure -> turn it on to empty the psu -> connect the power-cord again and then turn everything on. The pool will now work for approximately 24-36 hours. When the pool is not responding nothing happens when I try to open it in explorer and all files are inaccessible from other network devices. Windows is also less responsive when the pool has stopped and most times I need to do a reset. I am not sure how much space that's left on the pool when these problems start to occur, and if it's a percentage of the total pool size or if it's available space per hard-disk that cause the pool to stop responding. If I'm going to guess it's probably less than 8% of total pool space. I have also experienced this in the past with another setup, where I used a workstation with internal drives(no USB enclosure). At that point I was so fed up with this problem that I thought going for something completely different would fix my problems. I hope you can give me some pointers to what's the cause and how this can be fixed. Roger J.
  12. Roger79

    Running out of RAM

    In my home I have several computers that use files from my server. One that is keeping a large number of files open is my HTPC with Kodi running. Whenever this computer is running I get 1030 files opened in the Performance-tab in my DrivePool-app.
  13. Roger79

    Running out of RAM

    Hi! My server is now using 95% of its RAM and I've attached a few pictures of my running apps and services. No single app or service stands out when it comes to RAM usage. PS: For those who wonder, the language in "Performance Monitor.png" is Norwegian.
  14. Roger79

    Running out of RAM

    Hi! I'm slowly running out of RAM on my NUC6 which I use as a server, and I wonder if someone else is having the same issue. I have tried to close all of my services and apps that is running, and now even a fresh install of windows 10 1803 didn't help in stopping the memory fill. I Have 8GB of RAM and a 52TB pool. There are no apps or services that are reporting a huge memory use in task manager. I have no available memory in the memory tab, only memory set a side for later use, and it is shrinking. I also see a higher cpu usage than normal and constant writing to my system disk. Any suggestions on how to fix this is appreciated. Roger.
  15. ...late reply coming... busy with other things I know the disks in the pool needs space to write the files. But in cases where the pool consists of many disks, and at least two of them have enough free space to write the file, DP should start writing on these two instead of rewriting on top of the existing file on a "full" disk which causes this error. (that became a long sentence )
  16. When replacing files larger than remaining space on the drive where these files are placed, I get the "Not enough space" message, even if there are plenty of space on the pool. DP should just delete the old files and place the new ones on a different drive instead. Regards Roger :-)
  17. A little update! Since the failure of the filesystem/partition on my RED, and disconnection of my Archive, DP has been running for 36h+ duplicating files. Now the pool is down to 3,5TB of free space and DP is still duplicating. I used EaseUS Recovery Wizard to recover the RAW partition on my RED and backed up these files. The Archive disk seems to be OK after running chkdsk on it but I haven't put it back into the pool. The RED is removed from the pool, so as it is right now the pool is missing one disk. I'm still wondering why I got so much free space after these two drives was disconnected.
  18. Hi! I lost a drive yesterday And so far I'm a bit anxious about what the outcome is going to be. The entire pool disappeared and after some reboots of my HDD enclosure I found the culprit for my problems; one of my Reds had lost its partition and it comes up as "raw" in diskmanager. I actually had to take the drive out of the enclosure and check it on my desktop computer to be able to communicate with the harddisk. I'm currently doing a recover of the files on this drive using EaseUS Data Recovery and hopefully I'll get the files back from this drive. What surprised me is that when the drive failed while inside my pool, DP managed to delete a lot of files(propably duplicates, don't know yet) and my pool went from having approx 700GB of free space to 9,5TB. My total pool size including the broken disk is 44TB. Does anyone have some thought on to why this happened? Update: One of my movie folders has an error and DP can not access it or read it. This folder is on one of the Archive disks. This is the second time I have problems with my Archive disks. Roger J.
  19. I assumed data was moved from disk 1 when it says -241 and to disk 2 when it says +241. The pop-up info appear below the drive. I have allready returned one archive disk because of normal/heavy writing activity by DP. It was less than a year old when it broke. I have read a few forum posts about these Archive drives and made a decision to use them as a Cold Storage only. Iso's rule I'm not converting to video files.
  20. When I hover the mouse on the duplication markers I see that DP is trying to move 241MB to my archive drive, which is not allowed to do(all iso's are between 7-50GB).
  21. It seems like me and you spider isn't on the same page here... Let me explaine: If I were to make a second pool using my Archive drives, this would act as a backup pool only. No duplication within the pool it's self but some sort of syncronization between the first and second pool(as far as I know it's not possible to apply duplication across pools). The reason for this is that the drives are Seagate's Archive 8TB and should ONLY be used as a Cold Storage, NOT for general usage which excludes storing files that are expected to be changed or deleted (jpg txt nfo etc) on the drives. If I were to use the second pool With Kodi, it would not be possible to use "nfo files only" for my Library, and because of this Kodi's library would not look like I want it to. I know there are other ways of using nfo files but for me it's not an alternative. I hope you now understand why my pool is set up the way it is. Another issue I would like to address is that there's no detailed report from DP that can guide us when problems With the balancing occur. It would be much easier to fix things ourselves if we knew the reason for why things happen the way they do. In my situation it would be great if DP could tell me why it can not move iso's to my Archive drives instead of telling me there's not enough free Space in the pool, which is not correct.
  22. I would prefere to keep everything in one pool. As I see it, if I make a second pool and the Archive drives are full, I'm not guaranteed that new movies are duplicated. The way it's intended to work now, the latest iso's are stored on the NAS drives if the Archive drives are full. The reason why I want to separate the iso's from the rest of the files is that the iso's are not likely to be changed in any way opposed to txt and jpg files. I'm using my Movie folder as a Source for Kodi and must keep Library files in the same folder. I just installed the latest beta and see the New feedback center. Sometimes when I open the balancing setting I get the "Can't enumerate" error. I'm not sure what's the reason of this error.
  23. you are correct. I have a lot of iso's on the other drives but they're not moved. Sorry if I was not clear in my first post.
  24. .dvd files are saved together With iso files. So are the rest of file-type rules you see in the Picture. Because of this I made rules that prevent those files from being placed on my Archive disks (#2 and #4).
  25. I am currently running out of Space on my NAS drives but I still have 1,5TB free on my Archive disks. I have tried to change som of the balancer settings without any Luck. My Movies are spread over all of my disks, however I use placement rules to only allow iso's on my Archive disks. Here is how it is set up: Any help is very much appreciated :-)
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