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  1. Roger79's post in Problems with uptime of my DrivePool on an USB enclosure was marked as the answer   
    After some long time testing I've concluded that the USB contoller on my NUC6i3 was the problem. I connected the enclosures to my HTPC and I had no problems with the pool the next 30 days. Bummer... :-(  , but also a relief to finally know why I had such problems.
    I'd like to say thanks to Christoffer for giving me some pointers in finding the cause of my problems.
    I have now made the decision of turning my 5-year-old high end gaming pc into a VM-/file-server. I bought some extra RAM, and a LSI SAS-card to get enough ports and speed for my drives.
    Now I have to get myself familiar with Hyper-V and how to set up VMs. A lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the entire process.
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