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Helldivers 2 problems, when installed on a DrivePool pool



Hello! Not quite sure if this deserves to be posted here, at all - or if it should only be on a support forum related to Helldivers 2 - but, I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least share what I've experienced, in case it helps others, somehow. (I'll try to share it with the Helldivers team, too, wherever they take support stuff)

In Helldivers 2, I seem to have quite a few bugs correlating to when it is installed on one of my DrivePool pools. The most apparent issues are graphical glitches that tend to result in stretched textures that spazz-out all over the screen or stretch bits of terrain across the entirety of the map, off to some infinitesimal point in the skybox. (If I am able, I might share some video or images of these glitches.) I also experience far more random crashes to desktop - with or without their error reporting dialog catching it.

The game is still fresh and occasionally prone to a hiccup or two by most players, once in a while. However, in my case, I noticed a significant decrease in the number of crashes - and all apparent graphical glitches - just by moving the Steam install of the game from the DrivePool pool to a standalone drive (not part of any pool). So: I had played about a week before the move, experiencing all sorts of problems; played for a couple weeks since the move, with little to no issues; and then, just today, decided to place it in a brand new pool, just to see if the problems returned. Indeed, by the second game, I experienced the familiar missing textures, rampant glitches, and eventually a crash. To me, this seems a definite correlation between (the majority of) my Helldivers 2 problems and DrivePool pools. This is not the first game I've seemed to have issues when installed on a DrivePool pool; but, this has been the most apparent case, yet.

I don't really know all that much about the potential reasons for this or how I could troubleshoot it further, so I won't try to waste time speculating. If there's anything I can try out to help identify the issue, do let me know! Some maybe-relevant pool settings:
- file/folder duplication is off (haven't tested with it "on" for the game files)
- tested problematic with "Bypass file system filters" both on and off
- read striping on (haven't tested with it "off" for the pool)
- the first pool consisted of 4 HDD and 2 SSD with SSD Optimization balancer enabled; while, the second pool consisted only of 2 SSD with default balancing.
- currently running latest version on Windows 10

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That's very odd.   I'm guessing it's something to do with the API that they're using, as I have a number of games installed to the pool, and don't experience any sort of issue like this. 


That said, if you could get logging of this, it would go a long way. 

Eg, enable logging, reproduce the issue, then exit and stop the logging as soon as it occurs.   And note the exact time, if possible. 

Then open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact and report/repost it there. 

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Logged and submitted. :)
99% of time, pools have worked flawlessly for me for games (as far as I could tell), too. There's definitely something about the way this game does things that causes problems. Just, in hindsight, now I've got to wonder if I've hand-waved away an infrequent bug or two that may have been relevant to this, at all. 🤔 Something worth paying more attention to, on my end, for sure!
Anyway, hope it helps!

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